A Stitch In Time: Home Repairs You Can’t Afford To Put Off

I completely understand the want to put off routine maintenance in your home. After pushing yourself so hard at work, it’s more than reasonable to want to use the rest of your time for some well-deserved R and R. Having said that, there are certain things which can really come back to bite you if you put them off for too long. Here are a few problems you should jump on before they become a full-blown home disaster.

Replace Washing Machine Hoses


Image: Pixabay


It’s pretty hard to believe, but every year over $170 million’s worth of damage is caused by washing machine hoses failing. If you know it’s been a while, check on your washing machine hoses. Make sure that all the connections are secure, and that there’s a minimum of four inches of clearance between the connection and the back of the washing machine. This reduces the chances of the hose getting any kinks in it. Even the hoses that are labelled as “burst proof” stand the risk of breaking, and they usually fail in a single spot – the coupling. If you notice any issues with your washer’s hose, acting now could mean avoiding a very expensive call to an emergency plumber.

Patch Up Crumbling Masonry

When the mortar in your home’s masonry begins to crumble, it can loosen the position of bricks, and even cause them to fall right out of the wall of chimney. If you’re noticing deep cracks in your home’s mortar, usually accompanied by wasps or bees making their home in the gaps, you need to act! The issue may only be isolated to a single wall, but it’s essential to fix these kinds of issues before they get any worse. Grouting is the best way to make minor repairs. Simply mix up some quality cement, along with sand and lime, and press it into the cracks you have. Just be aware that the mortar you add won’t match the colour of the existing mortar exactly. However, the mixture you use will weather over time, and make for a fairly close match. Larger issues will require the services of a contractor. Whether it’s big or small, cracks in your masonry certainly aren’t something you can afford to ignore.

Secure Loose Rails


Image: Pixabay


If you’ve got a deck or balcony on your home, and there’s an area of railing that always rocks back and forth when you lean on it, this will need to be repaired as soon as possible. Sure, it may have felt stiff enough the last time you checked. However, the longer it stays in this condition, the more risk there will be of it toppling completely, and causing you or your guest to take a dangerous header off the deck! Screws and nails unfortunately aren’t enough to put this issue to bed. You’ll need to source a special connector which will fully secure the railings to the frame, within the relevant code requirements. Be sure to check and understand any railing codes before diving into a DIY fix.

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