Suspect Your Partner of Cheating? Here are 4 Tell Tale Signs

Ah, it’s a new year, and what with all those Christmas work parties and New Year’s shenanigans lowering people’s inhibitions, it’ll be little surprise that a few people who were once in committed relationships have had their head turned. It’s sad fact of life that unfortunately some of us have to go through from time to time. But cheating partners very rarely volunteer their indiscretions openly to their other halves, so how do they get found out? Try as they might to conceal their secrets, there’s always tell-tale trails that they leave behind.




Reduced Sex Life


Now, we’re not suggesting every partner who appears to be less interested in sex than they once were is cheating. There are many reasons why a person’s sex drive might be reduced. However, a change in the bedroom might just be enough to merit suspicions. If you talk to them about it and they have no clear explanation or get defensive, it might be worth paying closer attention to what other things changed.


Shifty Behaviour


No person is capable of having their cake and eating it too. A cheating partner might hope that they’re able to come home and act as if nothing has happened, but they’ll always be tripped up by their conflicting emotions and secret life eventually. They’ll act different; nervous, suspicious, defensive, all the actions of a person with something to hide, so keep a close eye on the details they’re providing and the way they’re acting. Of course, you could be correct in thinking that needing surveillance tips is a sign that this relationship is not working, but it might turn out to be nothing in the end!


Late Nights/Early Rises


You know the routine of your partner. You know what time they’re due in and out of work, how often they’re required to stay late or get in early. You’ve been with them for some time and you know all of this as well as they do. That’s why you’ll be extra aware of any changes to the norm. If a partner is suddenly finding reasons to leave the house earlier than normal and arriving home later, then it might not just be a new project they’re working on. Of course, if they’re completely open and are not exhibiting any other suspicious traits then there’s little to worry about – but spending more time out of the home is a massive red flag when combined with other strange goings on.



Excuses to Find Time Alone


They feel guilty. They need to talk to their new partner. They know that they’ll say something stupid if they spend too much time alone with you. All of these reasons will make your partner want to be as far away from you as possible, even when they’re not doing something scandalous with their side partner. This means there could be hanging out in separate rooms from you when you’re both at home or suggesting that you take two cars instead of one to events you’re going to. It’s an illogical thought process, which means it’s worth investigating!

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