Be The Change You Want To See In The New Year

With new year fast approaching, there’s no better time to look towards changing the way you live. We’re going to look at new year resolutions you can make to ensure you live a fuller life. We all want to be happier, and making a few changes can go a long way towards that goal. Take the time, while making your resolutions, to consider what changes would help you. Here are a few things worth considering.


Kindness goes a long way. Treating people around you with kindness will help you to be kinder to yourself. Instead of walking past the homeless, take the time to stop and chat. If you aren’t comfortable giving money, why not ask if there’s anything you can buy, such as food, etc? Be kinder to the people in your life too. All too often we take our loved ones for granted and forget to value what we’ve got. If you’ve been neglecting your partner, make more of an effort to spend quality time together. If you’ve been short-tempered with your family, change that behavior. It’s surprising how different the world can be when we take the time to practice kindness.


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Getting involved in your community is a type of kindness, but it’s much more involved. Find out what initiatives are in your community, and get involved. Knowing you’re doing what you can will help towards your feeling of satisfaction. Not to mention, it’ll be a significant contribution to the schemes you offer your time to. Is there a local food bank you can donate to? Or, maybe you would like to volunteer. Is there a care home that needs befrienders to spend time with the residents? Think through what you would like to do and find out if your community offers the chance to do it!


Becoming more environmentally aware is another positive change. The environment is ever in danger, yet we rarely take the time to change bad habits. Use the new year to turn your attention to a greener planet. Learn about environmental issues and make positive changes. Simple things like eating the food you buy can help, as can changing to solar power using companies such as Semper Solaris. Or, something as easy as walking instead of driving can make a huge difference. Not to mention, it’ll make you feel better.


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As well as spreading your kindness outwards, it’s important to be kind to yourself. Practicing mindfulness will help you become more aware of how you treat yourself. It’ll help you make your own happiness. We are often more unforgiving of ourselves than anybody, so mindfulness can be a wonderful practice to get to grips with. Maybe spend a little time meditating each day, or start a yoga practice. If you don’t think you have time for either of those, keep things simple. Even taking the time to appreciate what’s around you will make a huge difference. Learn to accept yourself in the new year!

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