Your Home Away from Home: A Quick Guide to Building Vacation Property

The idea of owning a vacation home has always been popular. It’s been getting even more popular in recent years. Many people will look into buying property overseas. But what if you want to actually build a vacation home?


Get started now


A lot of people build vacation homes because… Well, because they want somewhere nice to stay when they’re on vacation in their favorite destination! But you should think about the long-term. A lot of people also end up using these homes as their retirement destinations. In fact, that’s the plan for many when they begin this endeavor. And if you plan to use a vacation home as a retirement destination, then you should start before you retire!

File:Vail Vacation Home 1.jpg



A lot of people make the mistake of building a retirement retreat once they’ve retired. But then you just add stress to years you don’t need stress in. Plus, you’ll lose out on plenty of valuable winter-years relaxation time! Find out more about smart retirement planning at


Choose your destination!


So what makes a good place for a vacation home? For most people, it will be in their favorite vacation location. But you’ll need to consider the implications of actually living in this country. You’ll need to know more about the laws that surround the ownership of property there. It could turn out that building a vacation home in your favorite destination might not be that smart an idea. Think carefully of the reasons you love this destination. There will be other places that meet these specifications!

Jeda Villa Bali. Frontview. 3 BR villa. 1/28/2011

Jeda Villa Bali. Frontview. 3 BR villa. 1/28/2011



Picking the land


Most people don’t really know that much about the earth on which their own country is based. When you’re travelling to new lands, you’re even less likely to know much about the land there! It’s worth asking for assistance when it comes to purchasing land that’s the size and build you need. You should also consider the environmental implications of the land you’ve purchased and the property you want to build on it. You’ll want to work with local environmental consultants. Let’s say you’re going to Australia, for example. You’ll want to work with a company like SESL. You can find their website at


Actually getting the thing built


So how are you planning on doing this? There are two ways to go about it. If you want to oversee the building, and perhaps even do some of it yourself, then things will be more complex. You’d probably have to have a temporary residence available in this country so you can be there when required. You could, of course, work with local architects to design a home that others will then build. (To be honest, this is probably the smarter option! After all, you do want this vacation home to be perfect…) Read more about building a home at



In the meantime…
One of the great things about vacation homes is that you can rent them out when you’re not using them. That way, you can earn a pretty good passive income with them! It’s unlikely that the money you make from these rentals will cause the property to pay for itself, that’s true. But extra money in your pocket should never be sniffed at!

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