Make Your Life Work For You: Keeping A Balance Between Work Life And Home Life

Work Life Balance


Are you running a business? When it comes to running an organization, it’s a full-time job, especially businesses that are new. Trying to get your dream project off the ground from nothing into a fully functional organization is stressful. There could be working weeks of 60 hours or more. In addition to this, the sleepless nights and the worries they are linked with it could consume a lot more time than you think it might. And did you stop to think about how it is affecting your home life? You might have missed school recitals, birthdays or important anniversaries. So what is the best way to take back the work-life balance that you so desperately need?


Understand When You Work Best!

By this I mean what time of day are you most functional. If you’re running a business you need to make sure that you are doing all the tasks the best you can. A lot of people find that they function better in the morning, so if that is the case then take on the more difficult tasks at a time of day. Understanding your energy levels will help you prepare better for your work day. So the inevitable mid-afternoon energy slump can be factored into your day so you can do the most mundane tasks at that point as they don’t require as much attention as applying for a business loan. Companies such as Frosch Learning can assist when it comes to helping you understand your working practices better.


Leaving The Work Phone In Work!

This might be the most difficult one for many business owners. As we are so reliant on checking our phones then leaving the phone and the laptop in the office will do you good! Set up an answer phone message or an out of office email. Then you can enjoy time away from the office. It will go a long way to help maintain the boundaries between work and home life.


Go Far Away!

In running a business, if you can’t be sure the company will survive without you being there then you need to delegate duties to other members of staff. Sometimes the only way to test if the business will survive is for you to go far away. It may cause you a bout of separation anxiety. But getting away for a period of time will help you gain a new perspective on the organization while also reducing your duties.


Stress and sleep.

Stress and sleep.

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Those that run businesses have difficulty in switching off and it’s not surprising when we all have difficulty in switching off at night. Smartphones and tablets are contributing to increased stress due to the blue light being emitted from the devices,  which causes problems with our circadian rhythm and so contribute to a lack of quality sleep, which leaves this feeling stressed or anxious or makes us take up habits that are not good for our health. We all have different triggers when it comes to stress so understanding what those triggers are for you will be a good way for you to overcome them. Finding a pursuit that relaxes you, such as meditation or yoga or spending time relaxing with your family will go some way to reverse damage from stress.

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