No Manager, No Problem: Promoting Your Music Alone

If you love music and have a talent for singing or playing an instrument, then it already gives you immense joy. For millions of amateurs, those emotional rewards are more than enough to keep them happy.

For others, though, turning the hobby into a career would be a dream come true. But for that to happen, you will need to make money. Many wrongly believe that the tried and tested method of getting a manager is the only solution. However, this simply isn’t true.

In today’s market, it’s possible to generate those sales without a manager. It won’t be easy, but it should be enjoyable as this is your passion in life. And if you achieve success, it could be the key to unlocking the life you’ve always wanted.


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Step 1: Produce CDs & Videos

You could be the most talented artist or band in the world. However, that will count for nothing if nobody ever hears it. As such, it’s imperative that your music is made available for public consumption.

The process of producing a CD isn’t overly difficult. After the recording session, services like Nationwide Disc can create a professional CD and packaging. Whether you intend to sell these or hand them out as freebies isn’t overly important. Either way, it will get your name out there.

Music videos are another fantastic option. Not only can you put these on YouTube and your website, but it could help you gain airtime on smaller video channels. Ed Sheeran’s A Team was produced independently for around $50. So there’s no excuse to miss out.

Step 2: Gig

CDs and videos are a great way to promote your band. Even if they are free services to build your audience, this will eventually become the main product that you sell. In the meantime, gigging is the perfect way to hone your skills while generating some income.

You aren’t going to make millions from gigging, but this is your education for becoming a future superstar(s). Meanwhile, it can be a great way to link up with other artists for collaborative pieces. Again, this can be a great way to build a bigger audience. Besides, fans will often upload the pics and videos they’ve taken to create an even greater buzz.


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One top trick, however, is to do a couple of covers in those early days. This will make it easier for fans to relate.

Step 3: Sell Merchandise

It seems strange, but you can be a big band without selling CDs. You’ll probably gain a few online sales through iTunes anyway. However, making your act marketable with additional goods can be a great way to earn money in those early days.

If you are giving music away for free, people are far more likely to buy a promotional t-shirt or key ring. Once again, this can work wonders for building a larger audience. Eventually, you should get to the point where the music becomes a genuine career rather than a hobby on the side.

Your art is the main attraction, but you cannot ignore the business side. Find the right balance between the two, and you will be just fine – even without a manager.

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A Virtual Reality: Hiring A “Virtual” Assistant For Your Home Business


It is difficult if you’re running a business from the comfort of your own home. It may sound like an ideal situation, but in many cases, it is not. When you start out in the Big Wide World of business, it can be a testing time for you. Having a small amount of staff, or even if you’re just running it by yourself can cause undue stress and tension. And it’s not necessarily the best starting point for your startup. A popular method getting tasks done efficiently and quickly without straining your business finances too much is to hire a freelance contractor or what is known as a virtual assistant. Essentially a virtual assistant is someone you can delegate duties to via your computer. There are certain advantages to this, but there are also disadvantages.  For both, they are as follows:

The Minor Tasks Are Delegated

Having a virtual assistant to complete the smaller admin duties saves you many hours so you can carry on with the more important and pressing tasks. Instead of you banging your head against the wall trying to remember the Excel shortcuts. As well as the basic tasks, having a virtual assistant gives you the opportunity to assign research tasks. So this can give you an upper hand regarding the competition and the market research. Another benefit to tasks like this is that you can assign them a deadline to complete it by so you don’t have to spend weeks waiting for the outcome.

You Have Many Choices In Who You Want To Hire

A lot more people are switching from permanent employment to freelancing as it is more lucrative. So when it comes to hiring your ideal staff member, using websites like Guru or People Per Hour it is never easier to do.

Ending Contracts Are Easier

When you hire a virtual assistant, it is a lot easier to end a contract in comparison to the standard employer route. In doing this, there is a lot less investment in the working relationship as you are just providing a task for them to do. If they do not do it your standards, then it is less likely they will take it personally when you end the contract. In the virtual assistant arena, even if you had a disgruntled employee, you are able to go through a company that provides virtual office addresses. This makes it more discreet for you if you are operating out of your home.  If you are interested in an alternate Mail address, click here for more information.

Distance Is Easier

Depending on the type of business you’re running, you may want to keep your distance when it comes to hiring freelance contractors. If you are a one man band and you needs a virtual assistant that asks no questions and get on with the tasks, this will be an ideal setup for you. The downside to this is that if you are looking to run a personal and interactive organisation this might not be the best approach for you to take.

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Staying Safe While Gambling Online



It wasn’t so long ago that gambling was seen as a somewhat sleazy activity. I remember the betting shops of old being a place of mystery, where you could never see inside. The change in public perception of gambling has been remarkable. You see and hear advertising on almost every sports event. Betting experts are regular guests on radio sports shows. And, heading to a casino is now something that is normalized.

Online gambling has also enjoyed a remarkable period of growth. There are thousands of online casinos where you can gamble on slot machines or at the poker table, against computers and real people.

But let’s not beat around the bush – gambling can still be problematic. And when you are gambling online, there are many opportunities to lose money. With this in mind, I thought I would scour the web for some of the best tips to ensure you keep gambling as a fun activity and avoid any issues of addiction. Let’s get started with some of the basics.



Only bet what you can afford

While gambling can be a fun experience, there is nothing to laugh about when you lose a lot of money. It is essential, then, that you only bet what you can afford to lose. Only use the excess money, never start dipping into your day-to-day cash or savings. And if you fail, never try to regain your losses – the chances are you will lose even more.

Use reputable casinos and services

Gambling can be a lot of fun. But, let’s face it, it can also lead to a lot of heartache and financial issues. It is vital that you use an online casino that takes your safety seriously. As Maria casino points out in its responsible gaming policy, there are a few things to watch out for. They recommend using a service that allows you to set up deposit limits and self-exclusion settings on your account. And, if you feel that temptation is getting the better of you, always seek out help.



Check your frequency

The more you gamble online, the easier it will be to fall into addiction. In an ideal world, you won’t use online gambling sites more than 2-3 times a week – preferably less. If you find yourself visiting sites a few times a day, it’s time to check yourself, as there is a chance you could be forming a habit.

Honesty is the best policy

If you are hiding your online gambling activity from others, the chances are that you have a problem. Addicts tend to hide their activity from those they know will disapprove. It rings true for smokers, drinkers, and gamblers alike. If gambling is fun, why hide it?



Mix up your hobbies

Finally, you should also be concerned if your online gambling is the only hobby you partake in. It just isn’t healthy to focus on one particular thing, especially if it costs you a fortune. Online gaming can also be a lonely experience, so ensure you are getting out and seeing friends and family as often as possible. And if you feel like you have a problem, don’t be afraid to share the details with loved ones.

Sure gambling online can be a fun activity. But it doesn’t take long for your hobby to turn into a habit. Stay safe out there, folks!

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