Sunny And Sandy With Sparkling Seas – Vacation Heaven! Find Out Where To Get It

Never before has the world been so accessible. Vacation prices haven’t soared as much as previously feared. This means that you might be able to budget for a little indulgence somewhere sunny and warm. Traveling overseas can be quite a commitment, so you want to know that you’re getting the best of everything while you are there. And if it’s warm seas and sandy beaches that you love, then read on for a round-up of the best there is:


Mauritius – Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean that boasts some of the loveliest beaches in the world. As a small island, it can take quite a chunk of your budget just getting here. Is it worth the expense? Those comparing Mauritius beaches vs Goa beaches tend to err toward the little island thanks to its pristine sands and laid back nature. There are times when you might even feel like it’s your own private island! You might even prefer this to the South of France too.


Mauritius Beach Boat. 11/20/2014

Mauritius Beach Boat. 11/20/2014

Picture source


Shoal Bay, Antigua – For a taste of paradise, you might be convinced to visit Antigua. What makes this beach extra special is the coral reef just offshore. Snorkeling is a wonderful way to spend an hour or two. There are plenty of bars and restaurants for refreshments too. Some say it is the place you could spend your entire week of vacation. But if you get easily bored on the beach, try the museum, or check out some of the cute stalls.


Beach at Green Island Antigua. 2/21/2015

Beach at Green Island Antigua. 2/21/2015

Picture source


Fakistra, Greece – If it’s seclusion and quiet you’re looking for, this little cove could be it. Warm and sunny most of the year round, yet hardly used outside of July and August. It’s quite sheltered all around too so you don’t need to worry about packing bulky windbreakers. There might not be much here for the younger members of the family. But couples love the time they can spend together in private on this beautiful little beach.


Koh Kradan, Thailand – Most beaches in Thailand are pretty busy, and nearly all of them are lovely. One that might be a little quieter for you is Koh Kradan. The sand is thick and warm, and the waters are calm enough for a spot of kayaking. This makes it the ideal beach for discovering the wonders of this lovely area. Lazy days or active days can be had when you’re based near this beach.

Rio de Janeiro - Copacabana Beach. 1/25/1974

Rio de Janeiro – Copacabana Beach. 1/25/1974


Picture source


Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro – Arpoador has become a very popular beach to visit when you’re staying in the bustling city of Rio de Janeiro. It is quite family friendly and being in the center of all the city’s festivities makes for a fabulous vacation destination. You can find plenty of interesting features beyond the warm sands and waters. There is plenty to do here thanks to its popularity, but you may not find any peace and quiet.


There are so many different beaches around the world that it can be quite hard to choose. These are just a few of the better ones you might be tempted by. Perhaps you prefer one near your home? Where is your favorite beach?

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