Giving Your Customers The Experience They Deserve

The most important business commandment is giving customers what they want. If you can plug a gap in the market or respond to your client’s needs, you stand a good chance of making your business successful. Providing excellent quality products and services is not always enough to attract new customers and keep existing clients interested. Often, the customer experience can make the difference. If you’re keen to keep your customers on-side and ensure you cannot be beaten, here are some tips to help you provide your customers with the experience they deserve.

Focus on first impressions

Did you know that it takes the average human less than 7 seconds to form a first impression? This means that you need to impress from the word go. Often, in business, you don’t get second chances, and people have already made their minds up by the time you launch into sales patter or try and win them around with dazzling products or first-class services. Think about the way your team presents itself, the exterior appearance of your business premises, the signs you use to advertise your company and the way you greet customers when they call you on the phone, or they walk through the door. You have to set the right tone from that very first moment.

Tailor your approach to suit your business and the target market. Consider a cosmetics or perfume store, for example. If the building is run down, the window displays are drab, and there’s nobody there to welcome customers, this isn’t going to give off a great impression. Dress your windows to catch eyes and turn heads, use scented candles or cold air diffuser technology to add a pleasant and inviting aroma, and make sure there are people around to say hello, answer questions, take payments and offer advice. Think about what would make you go into a shop as a consumer and make sure that your business ticks all the boxes.

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Go the extra mile and personalize your service

Customer service can make or break a business, so it pays to go the extra mile. Add a personal touch and be willing to go above and beyond and provide customers with an experience they won’t find anywhere else. There are so many ways you can do this from leaving a personalized welcome message on the screen in a hotel room to offering a bespoke wrapping service in a gift store.

Make use of feedback

Ultimately, your customers hold the cards in terms of whether you fail or succeed, so it makes sense to listen to them and take their comments on board. Ask them for ideas, encourage them to share opinions and take both negative and positive feedback into consideration.

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Providing your customers with an enjoyable, memorable and hassle-free experience is essential in business. If you can outshine your rivals in the service stakes, improve your business by using feedback and be prepared to go the extra mile for your customers, you’re likely to reap the rewards for years to come.  

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