Money Talk: How To Save More Money Each Month

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Everyone wants to save more money. Whether you want to save up for a house, a car, a holiday or for a rainy day, you want to have savings. The more that you save, the more you will make in interest each year and the more money you will have. Here is how you could save more money each month.

Understand Your Finances

This is where saving more start, with an understanding of your current finances. This doesn’t mean that you need to create a spreadsheet detailing all of your incoming and outgoing money for the next 12 months (although that would be helpful). Instead, it means knowing how much you are making, how much you need to spend on essentials (rent, foot, etc.) and how much you then have left to save. Once you know how much you have in each area, you can make a plan for how much you would like to save each month. Understanding your finances also means know which savings accounts are the best and what kind of saving you should use. This means researching banks and savings accounts to find the ones with the best interest rates as these are where you will make the most of your savings each year. If the interest rate drops in one savings account, then you should switch to another with a better rate.

Pay Off Debts

If you pay off your debts, then you will have fewer outgoing payments each month, and it will enable you to save more money. If you have several debts with a few companies, then you should do some research into the top debt consolidation companies as this will move all of your debts to a single monthly payment and will take out a lot of the hassle involved. If you can pay off your debt quicker than the agreed date and save paying interest on the amount you owe, then you should do so. This will come above paying into savings as you will end up saving money in the long run and once the debts are gone, you can refocus on putting money into your savings. Plus, once the debts are gone you can now save the money you were paying back each month and put that into your savings account, too.

Spend Less

This might be an unpopular choice, but it does work. If you can spend a little less each month and invest that money into your savings, then over time it will grow into something much bigger. Spending less doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. It means that you should cut out a few luxuries, eat out less and maybe buy some more budget options. If you have a target for your spending, then you can try to spend so that you make that target each month and it gives you a budget to work to. It can be helpful to have the money transfer into your savings account via standing order so that you know it isn’t there to be spent.

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