10 Key Factors That Can Supercharge Your Brand


In business, there’s always going to be a wealth of different areas that you need to channel your energy into. Not only is there your business idea to begin with, but when you’re looking to move forwards, you also need to be coming up with fresh and exciting ideas to help you to grow. Team this up with the actual running of your business and the day-to-day operations, and you may start to feel a little overwhelmed with what you have to do. And we all know that this can impact on your creative thinking. So, instead, you’re going to want to learn to work on your growth without letting everyday issues get in the way.

To do this, you need to be able to focus on something that will give you maximum impact. And, of course, that’s always going to be your brand. Because if you’re able to nail your branding, you’re always going to find that your business will feel like it’s running well. When your brand is strong, it works so much harder for you, supports your marketing, and in a way, can attract customers in by itself. So if you’re looking for the quickest fix for boosting your business, you need to think about boosting your brand. And if this is something that’s relatively new to you, you may not know where to start. So we’re going to walk you through ten ways to supercharge your brand.

  1. Know Your Ethos

Before you get started on anything else, you really do need to know your core brand values. Your ethos is what will define your brand, and it’s how you’ll make decisions on just about anything to do with your business. So this is always the first thing that you need to define. From the overall ethos to those key values that you stick to, by working out what kind of business you are and want to be, you’ll be able to create the perfect brand to match.

  1. Pick A Slogan

With an ethos pretty much flowing through your veins, you can start to put the more physical elements of your brand together. First of all, you’re going to want to think about a slogan – and whether or not you want one. Sometimes, it’s handy to do this. Because your slogan not only tells customers who you are or what you’re about, it’s also a great way to remind yourself of who you are and reinforce it too.

  1. Work On Brand Colors

After the slogan, it’s then onto your physical branding. And color will always play a huge part in this. Colors have different meanings in business, so you’re definitely going to want to pull out the right colors to go with your business ideas. Looking into what your potential color choices mean may help you to go with the right kind of image for your branding altogether.


  1. Choose A Logo To Match

The next physical piece of your branding puzzle with be your logo. Sometimes, you won’t want to go with anything too crazy – just your business initials maybe. However, regardless of how exciting or simple your logo is, it’s often great to help you create a well-recognized brand. By constantly using your logo with your products or, in fact, with anything that you do, customers will start to recognize your business by your logo alone. Next stop, it will be recognition by your brand alone.

  1. Formulate Your Image

So now that you have your physical elements of your brand together, you’re going to want to go back to the less tangible elements of your brand. First up, your image. Because as much as you may not want to let how others see your business both you, brand image matters. So you need to work out what you want your image to say about you, from there, you can work on creating the right concept.

  1. Use The Right Language

From here, you then need to figure out what kind of tone of voice fits in with your brand. To create the right kind of brand image in your consumer’s mind, you have to harness all avenues – including voice. So think carefully about the language you use, and it will help you to formulate that image.

  1. Reinforce With Packaging

You’re then going to want to work on pulling that together with your packaging. Because physical product or packaging that you create will drum up an image in your consumers’ minds. From your squeeze tubes to your boxes, it has to be fully branded in order to work. See it as the kind of physical reinforcement of everything we’ve discussed so far.


  1. Project With PR

Now, a brand image is something that a consumer will form about you. But you can harness their thoughts and try to plant the right kind of image at the same time. And it’s via the relationship between PR and branding that you’re going to be able to do that. Because you can certainly project the right image into the minds of consumers, and PR will help.

  1. Stay Consistent

With most of the bases covered, you need to then constantly work on keeping up your brand image. Because consistency is really the only way that you can make it stick. With a consistent brand identity, your consumers will see your brand in the way that you want them too. But if you’re constantly changing fonts, or your language, or the approaches you take to any business activity, they will struggle to see your brand at all.

  1. Live & Breathe Your Brand Philosophy

While it can definitely seem quite difficult to come up with the control that you need to create a consistent brand, it will get easy. Because as you’re repeating the same process and projecting the same voice and image, it will stick. Then, it will become habit. And having the ability to live and breathe your brand philosophy is a great way to do this. When you do, your brand will be set in stone and will feel supercharged because of it too.

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