Shhhh! The Practical Path To A Peaceful Home

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Our senses play a massive part in our lives. Smells have the ability to relax us and transform our moods, while sight can either stimulate or calm us. But, a sense which gets less attention is our hearing. Too often, we forget how much what we hear impacts our moods. But, sounds can have as much of an effect as the other senses we spend so long catering to. If you return to a noisy house the moment you walk through the door, you’ll instantly feel bad. It may be that there’s a loud road outside, or that the television is on full. It’s not unusual to get a headachey, claustrophobic feeling in situations like these. Continual noise outside the home can also interrupt sleep and relaxation. And, we all know how bad that can be for our health.

With that in mind, it’s worth maintaining peace in the home wherever possible. It’s a sure way to make you happier with your living situation and your life. And, lucky for you, there are some surprisingly easy ways to achieve the goal.

Double glazing

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If the primary source of sound comes from outside the home, you’d be amazed by the difference double glazing can make. Most often, we hear about this option for heat saving purposes. And, there’s no denying that it can save you losing a lot of heat through single pane windows. But, the sound reduction benefits are worth just as much attention. If you live by a railway or a busy road, these could be your saving grace. The moment you close the door, those outside sounds will become nothing more than a horrible memory. Say hello to peaceful evenings, and restful nights.

The right floor

If the primary source of noise comes from within your home, consider which flooring you choose. Wooden floors are an obvious no-go for the peaceful home. The echoing impact of a choice like this could give you a headache the moment you hear your shoes on the surface. If you do have wooden floors, investing in rugs can be a fantastic way to mute the sound. It may also be worth looking to the best underlay you can find, which can go a long way towards reducing noise. If you want to play it safe, opt for carpet. But, even with this choice, it’s worth investing in the right underlay for your needs.

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Keep the volume down

Stepping away from interiors a little, it’s also worth setting a low volume limit and sticking to it. This could mean no raised voices, or no turning up the television past a set point. This may meet resistance at first. But, if you put efforts into enforcing these rules, everyone will soon get used to them. Make sure, too, to stick to this yourself. Keep your tone level, and put the subtitles on the television if you’re struggling to hear. Within no time, your home will be the peaceful haven you’ve always longed for.

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