The Downside To Different Cultures

Experiencing different cultures is one of the main benefits to travel. Nothing beats getting out and seeing a way of life different from your own. While some people chase the sun, others stroll around the streets and speak to locals. It’s the best way to spread your wings and see the world from a different angle.

But, it would be naive to think that experiencing different cultures will be all plain sailing. Travelers face a variety of setbacks, from language barriers to risks to their safety. Those safety risks are what we’re going to focus on. In some destinations, it’s necessary to take armed guards wherever you go. You might encounter tourist targeting thieves, or even open yourself up to kidnapping. But, those aren’t the only  risks. Different cultures have different hygiene standards, and these could be a problem, too. But, you shouldn’t let fears for your safety stop you seeing the places you want to see. There’s no reason you can’t stay safe in dangerous places. All you need to do is follow these steps.



If you’ve chosen to visit a location that’s considered ‘dangerous,’ it’s important you know where you can and can’t go. In many destinations, like Brazil, the dangerous areas are near to heavy tourist areas. Wandering down a side-road is all it would take to find yourself in trouble. The best thing you can do to avoid that eventuality is to research before you leave. Find out which areas pose the biggest threat to your safety, and pre-plan routes which take you around them. If there’s something you really want to see in dangerous areas, find out the safest ways to travel. It might be that you need to alert guards to your presence or avoid acting in a certain way.


It’s also essential to know what risks you’re exposing yourself to. Read recent news articles about the area to find out. Are you opening yourself to kidnapping? Or, perhaps the risk is less violent, and more to do with the environment itself. Different countries have different laws about pollution and dangerous chemicals. Excessive amounts of pollution could expose you to benzene and other harmful chemicals. If you do suffer while you’re away, it’s important you file a benzene lawsuit and get the medical treatment you need. But, avoiding the situation is the best way forward. There may also be different hygiene standards for water. All these things are easy to discover beforehand.

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Once you know the risks, you can buy equipment to help keep you safe. In some areas, a face mask may be necessary to reduce your intake of chemicals. Or, you may want to stock up on a water filters to ensure you can drink from taps, etc. This gear is cheap to buy but could save your life. It’s also worth taking a first-aid kit wherever you go. Having basic medical supplies will make a huge difference.

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