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We live in a world that is constantly evolving and changing, and this has never been more prevalent than in the digital world. The world is getting smarter: smartphones, tablets, smart televisions and instant access to information make our planet as switched on as ever. Due to this, careers in the digital world are on the rise and digital education is becoming increasingly popular.

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When people think of working in the digital field, their minds immediately think of IT. For some, a career in IT is not appealing, but it’s important to know that a digital career embraces far more than just the IT field. Sure, there are careers in SAP and various niche specialties, but there is also digital marketing, website building and graphic design that are all important players in a digital game. The skills required for a digital career do vary by industry, and researching your options thoroughly before deciding which route to go down is very important.

The education required for a career in the digital world is often complex, but thankfully there is a huge amount of choice out there. If you want to work in an IT field, it makes sense to study at a school of computing and if you hold an interest in the way computers process their information, you’d be on the right path. For those who love to be creative, then studying graphic design tech skills would be right. Graphic design is so much more than drawing now, especially with the popularity of websites that need designing and building, as well as companies requiring branding help.

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Making the right subject choices at school level will greatly help you embark in a career in digital media. If the school you are in doesn’t offer computer sciences or digital technology as an option, don’t panic! There are so many other subjects that can support your interest and once you go into college and study at a higher level, you can take the knowledge you have gained from those subjects and maximise on those.

The world of marketing is increasingly needing professionals and experts who specialise in digital media development, user experience and digital marketing. Everything in the world is moving online at a rapid pace, and the development of websites and social media advertising means that more careers are being carved out in this industry. There is so much that digital technology is influencing, that even jobs in the retail industry are being influenced and affected by the digital world. This means that there is room for digital careers in every industry.

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The changes that digital is bringing to today’s jobs include the need for new skills and the opportunity to be exposed to new skills. More and more colleges across the globe are picking up courses and degrees within the digital world. Leading universities are changing their curriculums to go with the changing needs in the digital world. This is allowing more and more people to study a digital field, including programming and HTML. HTML is becoming more of a second language for people working in the IT industry, and this bleeds into careers in digital creative marketing. If you decide to go for a career in the digital world, your skills will be transferable across so many avenues that you are spoilt for choice in which way to go.

The rise in the digital career gives people far more scope for entrepreneurial activity and innovative thinking. You could start a business from home with your knowledge of design or digital media development. Even IT professionals are branching out as freelancers and making their own way in the digital business world. The roles you currently work in could see a change in its description, especially if you are working in one of the many branches of technology. The change in your job description will allow you to gain training in digital technology and eventually expand into the area.

Choosing a career in digital is not an easy option. You are choosing to learn about an industry that makes significant changes and evolves very quickly year on year. If you want to work in a field that has constant upgrades, constant learning and a constant need for people to work, you would be right in choosing your career to be in digital technology. Everyone wants a career they can expand in, and digital tech is no different!

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