Squeezing A Career Out Of A Work Life



A lot of people don’t really start thinking about how their current life is affecting their career until they’re already well and truly in a routine at work. Then, the trouble becomes that they might be kept so busy by that work life that it becomes hard to see their career. But you can still find the next step if you can’t see past all that paperwork.

See what your employer can offer

Perhaps you might like the industry you’re in. You just want a bit of progression or even a lateral move. If that’s the case, talk to your employer or your boss. Ask them about what other positions are opening, to keep you in mind, and see what kind of training or career development they have on offer. You need to be able to identify when your current job is getting into a rut and your bosses simply don’t care about investing in you. Otherwise, you might be stuck there waiting years for the golden opportunity that just isn’t coming.

Find education on your own terms

If they’re not offering anything at work, then what can you do? You can begin by getting an idea of a direction you want to move in. From there, it’s all about getting the education and training that can make the move real. In a busy schedule, most traditional options simply won’t fit with your schedule. But thanks to the internet, education on your schedule is becoming more and more freely available. You can find the pace that works with your job, whether it’s night classes from home or a weekly digest at the end of the week. There are few career-relevant skills that can’t be taught online anymore.

Focus on yourself, not the job

It’s easy to let your job define you. It’s what you spend a lot of your day doing. But that can make it hard to focus on selling yourself and your career. Branding your own skills and what you have to offer any company is important. Most important is thinking about the skills and achievements you’ve accomplished at work. It might all seem very common and mundane to you, but phrased right on a resume, it can be a lot more impactful. You just have to make it attractive and relevant to other employers.

Don’t push yourself to the brink

Remember to breathe. If you’re having trouble handling the career search as well as your job, then you have to beware. If you’re always feeling tired, becoming late for work more often, or finding it hard to switch off at night, you might be sacrificing too much for your career. Take it easy. So long as you’re making progress, you’re not wasting time.

Don’t let yourself get caught in the spiral of your work life keeping you from a career. Take the steps, whether internally or externally, to transform your work life and to make yourself a much better fit for the career that you want not the job that you have.

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Being There In Times Of Trouble

Whatever your role in life – brother, sister, father, mother, child, parent, friend or lover, you’ve got one key responsibility. You need to be there for the important people in your life through the highs – and through the lows. When money is tight, when they are sick, poorly or hurting, or when they are going through a rough patch in life – you need to be there for them through thick and thin and be the best friend, parent, or partner possible. The situations that we can all face are varied, so we’ll all get stuck in different mud throughout our lives – we don’t need to be an expert on all these situations, but preparing to be a helping hand in any situation that could occur will ensure you’re on hand to help, and be a good help at that.


One thing we must understand about offering help – or being on hand – is that people rarely ask for help. Some cultures don’t accept help at all. It might seem counterproductive, but sometimes you must do the right thing and find a way to help out without waiting for a request to be made to you. What can you do? Grabbing some supplies, walking their dog, feeding their fish – cooking them some nice dinner. There’s a lot of things that you can do for a friend that has a lot of impact, but are low effort. Not many people will come to you begging for help, but they might severely need your assistance. This can be a hard situation to judge, and it is deeply personal, so use your experience and knowledge of the person to know the right time to step in.


Sometimes you will need to perform quite serious actions to assist someone. Being there to help might mean speaking to a personal injury lawyer with the person in need, it might be assistance with legal matters like that. It could be health matters – you might need to attend appointments, or even drive the person there and back. It will differ on each situation, of course – but it goes without saying that sometimes, more serious forms of help are needed. This doesn’t mean the simple stuff can be left behind; it just means you’ll be required to do a lot more to be on hand and help. When someone needs help, their confidence might be shot – so you need to ensure you can step up to plate and be on hand to assist with serious matters.


Can financial matters be something you can help with? Certainly. However you must use your best judgment – whether the person in need means it or not – they can become dependant on financial aid. Ensure any financial help is limited and only in serious matters, because it could quickly drag you into a bad financial situation.


Regardless of the situation, the best thing you can do is simply be there. Be a light of guidance and a helping hand, and you’ll help someone get back on their feet in no time at all.

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Road Rage: Dealing With It Safely

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There is nothing better than driving on the open road, the beautiful scenery ahead and the wind in your hair. All seems fine until you notice the person in front is driving at ten miles an hour, or you see somebody talking on their cell phone. Suddenly your calm and serenity disappear, replaced by feelings of frustration as you angrily beep your horn at the other road user. Welcome to road rage, one of the biggest dangers on the road today.

Road rage is a curious thing. No matter how calm and friendly a person is in everyday life, once behind the wheel of the car, there can be a transformation of Jekyll and Hyde proportions. The smallest event can make a person angry, and if those feelings are not dealt with, what happens next could prove costly and life threatening.

It is likely you have experienced some form of road rage in your life. Whether you have found yourself shouting at other people from behind the wheel, or been the victim of somebody else’s wrath, it is important to protect yourself and the lives of others on the road.

Therefore, consider the following advice that could prove life saving.

Controlling yourself

Road rage generally comes from feelings of stress. Driving can be pleasurable, but sometimes other drivers or pedestrians can aggravate the negative feelings we have circling through our unconsciousness. Therefore, you need to alleviate your stress by doing some of the following:

Listen to relaxing music that will calm your nerves.

If you know you need to be somewhere at a certain time, set off early, so you’re not stressed through being in a rush.

Think before you act. Another driver may annoy you, but should you beep your horn in anger or drive irresponsibly in vengeance, you could cause an accident and be at risk of having your license taken away from you.

Pull over to the side of the road and let yourself calm down.

Remember other people can be irresponsible, it’s a common fact of life. Accept it, take some deep breaths and carry on.

Protecting yourself

When it comes to others causing road rage against you, there is the need to look after yourself. Consider the following.

Purchase a dash cam that can record the actions of the driver. Should you be involved in an accident, the footage can support you should you hire the services of a car accident lawyer, and is invaluable when dealing with insurance companies.

It is important you don’t make matters worse by copying their action and fueling their anger further.

Avoid eye contact with an offending driver as you may make their behavior worse. Ignore them, and carry on with your journey.

If the car behind is tailgating you, let it pass. Once they are out of your way, you can continue safely.

Finally, be a safe driver. Should you drive responsibly, there is less reason for other drivers to get angry at you.

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