The Boy’s Dream: Should You Get a Sports Car?



When people think of beautiful cars they’d love to own one day, many of them picture sports cars. Sure, one of those ‘normie’ cars might seem more practical, but there’s something so alluring about a nice sports car. You want to make people’s heads turn when you pass them on the streets. You want to make your friends a little envious. Of course, it’s best to get a sports car not for those reasons, but because it’s genuinely the right choice for you to make.


So what are the reasons one should buy a sports car, aside from them looking sexy and inspiring envy in others? We’re going to take a quick look at the reasons you should seriously consider getting a sports car – and some of the caveats you should consider, too.

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Speed without huge fuel costs


When people think about sports cars, they think about speed. But they also think about wasted potential. After all, aren’t the speedy beauties you can see at wasted when you’re buying a car just to go to and from work every day? Well, this depends on how long you have to spend driving at speeds over 50mph. More people than you realize spend a lot of their time on roads that have high speed limits, especially if they’re driving to the city from a few miles away. And once you start driving at these sorts of speeds, you’ll often find that these cars at better at conserving fuel in those conditions that your average ‘non-performance car’.


Built to last


A lot of people tend to think of non-performance cars as the vehicles that are built to last – and there are certainly loads out there that really are built to go the temporal distance. But people really do underestimate great sports cars in this area. The inner mechanics of these things are an incredible achievement – and if you’re not that educated on the innards of your typical car, you can read more at The engines are much, much stronger, for example. However, transmissions in sport cars can wear out quicker because there’s a very high demand on them. Take note of the type of metal being used for the gearbox!



A bumpy ride


A non-performance car is typically very sturdy, but you can still feel the several bumps on highways and residential roads in them. Usually, though, the effects can’t be felt that much, and the ride remains more or less comfortable. With a sports car, however, the increased suspension and the low-profile tires (which aren’t in themselves bad things, of course – they’re part and parcel of why many people like sports cars) make the driver feel those bumps a lot more. So, depending on the roads you usually drive, you could actually end up with a much less comfortable ride. You can read more about comfort at Part of the point of sports cars is that you can ‘feel’ the road to a much greater extent than you can in other cars. This has its positives and negatives – not every road is that pleasurable to feel!

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