Business Owner – Know Your Business!

I’ve heard a saying which goes something like this: “To make a mistake, have an employee handle it, but, if you really want to have it screwed up, have a manager do it.

Well, in some cases, if not many, this is true. And sometimes the owner knows even less, especially in a large company.

I’ve seen this first hand. I saw a small business recently, where the owner had to take over some duties from a few people who’d left the small business suddenly. The owner did a decent job overall, but clearly had forgotten some things and a low-level employee had to “re-show” him some of the ropes. So it turned out ok.

But, this shows how business owners, and big executives, need to know, or re-learn, as the case may be, as much of the workings of the business as possible, especially if the company is a small business.

Though it may be impossible for large company executives and CEO’s to know all or even most of the workings of their companies, large companies do have the luxury of having many employees, who at least have an idea of what should be done, so the chances are good that they will have people to come in and take over for suddenly missing employees.

But a small business doesn’t have that luxury. If they only have one counter person or warehouse person or parts person, and the owner hasn’t kept up or has considered himself or herself too busy to take even one day to check out the inner workings of the business, there could be a real problem if a key employee has to leave suddenly for whatever reason.

A business owner could find himself at the front counter when the regular counter person suddenly leaves. If that owner has forgotten the part numbers, or how to work the computer or billing system, or if it is a new one, completely different from that which he may have once used, what then?

And if the business is a fast food joint, it’s a good idea if there’s more than one person in the company who can cook in short order fashion. An empty kitchen serves no food and will have no customers.






If that owner has kept up, then chances are, things will go better until a replacement person is hired.

Also, a plus to the owner’s “visiting” all of the “areas” of the company from time to time may show that owner just how valuable his or her employees really are.

So, know your business to keep that business running, and may you have success!

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The Unromantic Road Trip

In both film and book, life on the road is glorified as an iconic, life-affirming experience. Read any extract of Kerouac’s ‘On The Road’ to get an idea of how much he hailed the freedom of the driving experience. And, he’s not alone. Artists across the world have tried to capture the power of the open road. Is it any wonder, then, that a summer road trip is high on most people’s to-do list?
Many of us set out with high hopes that we’ll return changed too.

Now, we don’t want to rain on your road-trip parade. No one can deny that life on the road can open your eyes to a new way of being. There is, after all, something meditative about driving. But, there’s also no denying that many return from road trips disappointed. In truth, life on the road just isn’t as amazing as some would have us believe. That’s not to say you won’t enjoy your time. But, it might help to lower your expectations before you head off. For example, here are some downsides you might not have considered.


Many of us opt for a close to home road trip because we assume it’ll be cheaper than going abroad. If that’s your motivation, prepare to be disappointed. For one, you’ll need a complete check on your vehicle before you set off. To avoid breakdowns, you’ll need a complete oil change and a full tank. If you want to cut costs, something like these oil change deals will help. But, you’ll still have to part with some cash to get your vehicle up to standard.

That’s not the only cost, either. You’ll also need to consider where you’ll sleep. Depending on how long you’re away for, those motel costs will add up. And, while sleeping in the car may seem glamorous, you’ll soon change your mind after one night. Might be worth taking a tent with you!


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We may have sat nav nowadays, but it’s still possible you’ll get lost. Nothing kills that sense of adventure quite like not knowing where you are. This can be particularly stressful if you have certain places to be or bookings in hotels along the way. If you’re tempted to head off with little planning, don’t do it. Plan your route as extensively as possible before you go. And, make sure to take a map along with you. Sometimes, the old fashioned ways are best.


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And, don’t be surprised if the roads are lacking in that beauty you’ve been expecting. There’s no denying that there are some beautiful roads out there, but most are uninspiring. If you’re traveling across states, the chances are you’ll be driving long, gray strips with nothing going for them. If beautiful drives are what you’re after, you may want to opt instead for the longer country routes. Or, you could accept the lack of beauty, and stop off at pretty places along the way.

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