3 Biggest Threats To Your Safety While Driving

Learning to drive is well worth your time as it can help you get around town a lot easier. Plus, it gives you that extra sense of freedom as you don’t have to rely on anyone to give you lifts everywhere. Perhaps the biggest bonus of all is that it means you don’t have to handle public transport anymore!

But, driving can be quite dangerous, and there are many threats to your safety while you’re behind the wheel of your vehicle. I think it’s helpful to know of these threats so you can make extra sure you avoid them and keep yourself safe. So, here’s a list of the biggest threats to your safety while driving:

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Large trucks and lorries are a huge threat to your safety when you’re driving. They’re just really bulky and can obscure your view, making it really hard to drive safely. If you get stuck behind a lorry, then your driving experience is made a lot worse. You’re left with two options; put up with the slow moving traffic, or overtake them. The only problem is, it’s hard to see around the truck to know if you’re overtaking safely. Plus, the driver has a hard time seeing you and other vehicles behind you as well. All of this adds up to make trucks very dangerous while you drive.

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Motorcycles are a big threat to your safety as they’re extremely fast and can creep up on you before you know it. They’re especially dangerous when you’re turning at a junction as they can appear out of nowhere. If you speak to any motorcycle accident lawyer, they’ll tell you the majority of accidents happen at junctions when a car pulls out thinking it’s safe only to be blindsided by a speeding motorcycle. So, be aware of them on the roads and double check for them whenever you’re at a junction.

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Yes, rain is a big threat to your safety while driving. However, this is mainly because very few people know how to drive in it. When it rains, you need to slow down, take your foot off the gas, and use your brakes more vigorously. Everything you do should be more calculated and thought through. You should be braking extra early as your tires struggle to grip the wet roads. Rain just makes the driving conditions more hazardous, as well as the wet roads you also have to deal with a wet windscreen. This means you have to turn your wipers on, and it can add a distraction while you drive. Bear this in mind when you’re driving, so you adjust the way you drive when it gets wet and rainy.

By being aware of these threats, you can make an effort to be more conscious of them when you’re driving. If you see a truck or motorcycle, you start being more alert as you know you have to think more when you’re around one. Likewise, you can take greater care when you see it’s raining to avoid getting into an accident.

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