Hotels From Hell?

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A job in a hotel can often seem like the perfect thing for someone who loves to travel. How else to share the love than by helping others enjoy their time away? You get to surround yourself in that fun holiday atmosphere all day, every day. But, that doesn’t mean it will be all fun and games. In fact, hotel work is a lot tougher than you might realize. We’re going to look at a few of the realities before you decide this is the career for you.


We’ve all heard this old saying. Most of us who have worked in a customer facing role know that it’s rarely the case. Even so, we’re providing a service, so we smile and agree to the most absurd accusations and claims. When working in a hotel, this phrase will come back to haunt you. Mainly because you’re dealing with customers for extended periods of time. They don’t enter your space for half an hour; they move in. Worse, everyone will have a different idea of how things should be. You’ll soon reach the stage where you realize that the customer is never right, but you have to please them anyway. Of course, some of your guests will be easy going. But, some will become your nightmare. They’ll expect you to read their minds, and will let you know if they aren’t happy. Some will take insult if their towels aren’t folded the right way. And, you’ll have to grin and apologize. If you want help preparing for this, it might be worth getting some experience. Browse hotel management courses to see if any suit. If you can’t beat them, you should at least know how to deal with them.

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Hotel work may not seem like the juiciest career option, but you can guarantee you’ll see some sights. That’s why discretion is important for the role. It may be that you hear heated goings on in some of your rooms. You may even have to check in men with women who are quite obviously not their wives. But, you have to let it wash over you. Even gossiping about these things with colleagues is a risk. You don’t want the guest in question to overhear you! You need to let these things go over your head. You are there to serve, not judge.


To guarantee great reviews for your hotel, you will need to be on call at all times of day. It may seem unfair, but your guests are there all the time, and they won’t see why you can’t be. This is a full on job. Of course, just how full on depends on your role. But, if you’re in an important position, you’ll be expected to drop everything if a guest requests it. Even if it is your day off. Remember, the customer is always right. If they say you should be there, it must be the case.

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