All You Need To Know About Designing a Family Bathroom

A family bathroom is a must in many homes. But its design really needs to be thought of. It has to be suitable for all different aged people, as well as cater for all of their needs. So you need to make the most of all of the space that you have. You want to be able to store things, as well as having a simple and easy layout, especially suited for smaller members of the family. If it is easy to clean then it is a bonus too, right? So if you’re in the market for a bit of a bathroom redesign, then here are some tips to make sure that you’re designing a family bathroom perfect for all of the family.



Save Space


With a family, there will be lots of different things that you need to have in the bathroom. It can be ideal if you can get it to look uncluttered too. So saving on space, to allow room for things like storage is ideal. So it might be that you choose a bathroom suite that is all encompassing. It could be a bath with a shower built into it, as well as a sink with plenty of storage built in underneath. You could also consider getting a back to wall toilet. It can look pretty stylish, but it also means that you’ve got more storage space, as well as shelving.


All About That Bath


The bath is the main event when it comes to a family bathroom. I don’t know many kids that like to have showers. So for younger children especially, a bath is really important. Even if you’re planning to sell or rent out your home, having a bath installed is a good idea. It can put a lot of people off, mainly families, if there is only a shower or wetroom style bathroom. So think about making the bath the main feature of the room. You could get a shower curtain, or even a folding shower screen to make bathtime and access much easier.

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Stylish Storage


There can never be too much storage space in a home, especially a family one. That goes for the bathroom too. Think about using more than just the floor for storage, though. A wall hanging unit could be good, and it will make the place seem much less cluttered. It also puts certain things out of reach for little ones. You can even get units that are mirrored, so they double up as a mirror on the wall too.


Even when a bathroom is classed as a family bathroom, it doesn’t mean that it has to look like a child’s playroom. Think about wipe clean surfaces, but also think about coverings with waterproof and stylish looking tiles. The size of the bathroom can be altered according to the types of tiles that you use. Larger tiles can make the space look bigger, whereas smaller mosaic style smaller tiles can reduce the size of the room.

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