What It Means To Be Truly Unique In Business

All businesses, but especially small businesses, must strive to be unique. It’s what keeps you competitive in an industry with little breathing room. It’s what gets you remember and establishes a bond with your customer base that goes beyond offering a good deal. It’s also what makes you a good company to work for, attracting and retaining the most talented of teams. So, what makes a business unique?

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The USP is a must

Let’s start with what we know to be a fundamental truth of business. You have to have something unique to offer within the services itself. Whether it’s some niche that sets you apart from your competitors or it’s an innovative new take on how you deliver the same services or products, a unique selling proposition is essential. More than essential, it is the meat of the brand. But you’re going to need more than meat if you want a real impact. You’re going to need heart.

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Finding your heart

The heart of the brand is all about expressing that unique selling proposition in a way that not only resonates with consumers but also the members of your own team. People need to be on-side if they’re going to be the team that represents the business. For instance, put more thought into your office interior design, creating an environment that not only fits the workflow but captures the appeal of the brand and reinforces it within the team. If consummate professionalism is part of the business, then the office needs to look like a sleek, smart, professional workplace. If creativity is favoured above all else, then it can’t look too dry, too serious or too limiting. Make sure that what is unique about the business is reflected through it at all levels.

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Motives other than profit

Nowadays, people care about more than what a business says and even what it delivers. They care about what it stands for. There’s a reason that many businesses are going green and it’s not just because they have a sense of their morality and values. It’s because they know that putting those true values on display through the way the business operates helps them stand out and build a connection to consumers based more than on their trade. It creates a shared identity that fosters loyalty and connection.

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Growing a culture

The most unique businesses aren’t those that are built by some visionary. It’s not just your unique take on business, your unique sense of style, and your unique values that can inform the profile of the company. It’s the culture of all the people around you. It’s your ability to source expertise and opinions from within the team. It’s also the very people that make up the team itself. A workplace culture makes you stand out not just amongst businesses but amongst employers. There aren’t a lot of workplaces that do that in most industries.

If you think being unique is all about the brand or all about the product you offer, you are in for a shock. That strain of ‘something different’ needs to be a part of the company DNA, going from the basics of the office setup right up to how you come up with your strategies.

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