From Bedroom To Boardroom: Moving To Your First Commercial Premises

Starting a new business often involves spending sums of money on expenses like equipment and staff. For many new companies, one cost that can be too high to bear at such an early stage is leasing some premises. The idea of paying a lot of rent for some commercial office space or an industrial unit can be a scary one. That is particularly the case for entrepreneurs that are “down to the wire” from a financial perspective!


With that in mind, many new startups literally create their enterprises from their bedrooms! However, as their companies grow and evolve, there is a real need to leave home and fly the nest! Moving to “proper” business premises can be an exciting time in any new entrepreneur’s life. Of course, there is the right way and the wrong way of doing that. Keep reading today’s article to learn how to do the former.

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Look for the perfect location


Before you start discussing color schemes, you first need to consider where is the best physical location for your first commercial premises. Does it make sense to be in the middle of the city, right at the heart of the action? Or would you prefer more rural settings that afford you the option of future expansion without a hefty price tag?


And, most important of all, which areas or region do you serve the majority of your customers? If you need to service your clients from a physical location, it goes without saying that your commercial base should be central to your target audience.

Negotiate a long lease in exchange for cheaper rent


You might not think it, but many property developers and real estate agents are happy to lower their lease asking prices if you decide to stay for a long time. That’s because they can guarantee their rental income from you and keep their operating expenses down.


When seeking out commercial premises to rent, never pay the asking price for your lease! Always talk things through with the property owner or manager so that you can come to a mutually agreeable price.


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Make sure it is safe for your requirements


The last thing you want to do is work in a dangerous building. Nor do you want to expose your employees and visitors to any safety risks that could potentially prove fatal! That’s why you need to carry out a risk analysis of your future commercial abode before you move into it.


For instance, if it has an accessible roof, do you need to install guardrails on the edges to protect people from falling? Or does it need the installation of fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems? Taking the time to carry out a risk assessment will ensure the safety of everyone that works at your premises.

Ask about parking


One final consideration to make is whether there is ample parking available for your staff and visitors.


It’s crucial that your future business premises are accessible, especially to those that require wheelchair access. If on-site parking isn’t available, find out whether you can do a deal with a nearby parking garage for your staff and visitors.

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That way, people don’t have to pay to park their vehicles when they visit your premises.
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