The Dangers of Renting an Old Office

Not every business can afford to rent an expensive office or move into a modern building with all the latest devices, fastest internet speeds and updated hardware. Sadly, many startups have to rely on old office buildings in order to afford a place to get their business started, but it can lead to some real dangers that need to be sorted out straight away.



Asbestos Fears

Old offices that were built a long time ago likely used asbestos when they were being built. Asbestos is a very harmful material that can cause cancer in areas like the throat and lungs, making it extremely dangerous for people who are exposed to it for long periods of time. If your office was built a very long time ago then it’s a good idea check for asbestos. You don’t want to move into an office that already has a lot of asbestos because it needs to be completely removed and renovated by experts. This means that you’re better off turning down cheap deals unless the cost of renting the office and clearing out the asbestos is worth it.

If you do later find that there is asbestos present, there are companies that specialize in removing hazardous substances and they can often be found in just about anywhere your old office is located. For instance, there is at least one company that performs asbestos removal in Overland Park KS. These companies provide a great service in removing substances like asbestos and making your office or home safer.

Worn Pipes

As water is carried through pipes in a building, it will eventually start to wear out and it’s possible that your piping may suffer damage. In an old office, these pipes could rust and start carrying nasty materials and chemicals through the water, making it unsafe to drink or use for any purposes other than cleaning. Contaminated water can be very dangerous should your employees ingest it, so make sure that you are checking the pipes before you move in and that you’re prepared to place them should the plumber discover something bad.



Electrical Wiring

Although electricity is generally very safe when a building is constructed, structural damage could lead to exposed wires and dangerous tangles in the wiring. It’s a good idea to consider electrical testing if you are moving into an office that looks rather worn out or if the refurbishment was rushed. Many lazy electrical engineers tend to hide problems and don’t repair things to a high standard during the refurbishment process, making it incredibly dangerous for your employees to use electrical outlets and switches.

Structural Damage

Buildings don’t last forever. If a building was built a long time ago in an area that suffers from natural disasters or a lot of rain, it could start to wear down the materials used and eventually weaken the structural integrity of your office. If there is loose flooring or questionably refurbished ceilings, then it could lead to horrific accidents such as the floor or ceiling collapsing.

Final Words
Cheap office rentals can be incredibly good for a startup, but chances are you’re going to be running into a scam where the seller has hastily refurbished the place in order to look good. However, the damage is usually on the inside and it can be hard to tell if there are structural issues that will put your employees in danger.

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