Office Health Hurts

You may be doing your dream job. Using cutting edge software to solve all kinds of projects and issues, or maybe you are creating things on CAD. Whatever you are doing, if you are in an office all day there are going to be adverse effects on your health and well-being. There are some ways to get around these, you need to remember that your health is supremely important. You should always put it first. Above work, play and everything in between. If you don’t maintain your health you can get ill, which would force you to take even more time off work. These tips can show you the issues that can arise, whilst also giving some solutions. You may have already thought about some of these, but they can help. It’s an important issue, so try not to ignore it.


Joint Issues


When sat in a chair all day you can sometimes get all kinds of joint issues. The shoulders can become quite painful, and it feels like one more push of the keyboard can be total agony. Back issues also arise, you need to resolve back issues as soon as possible because they can soon make your life take a nasty downturn. Check out or more information on the issue. A key here is chair quality and desk height. You need to make sure the chair is of a good quality. Ask your employer for a new one and if they don’t, do not be afraid to take it further. You need to assert yourself and ensure your health comes first. Usually a company would rather help you out and give you a better chair than let you suffer and as a result your productivity wane. But you’ll never know until you ask.


Weight Issues


Being sat in a chair all day means that it is harder to keep the weight off. You burn no calories in the normal moving around or walking that you would in another job, so you need to take precautions. You can either train more in the week during your own time, which can be quite hard, or you can take it upon yourself to get more exercise in the working day. Think about taking the stairs instead of the lift. Stairs burn calories. Perhaps cycle to work instead of drive. Little changes like this can make you far fitter and stop you piling on the pounds.


Eye Issues


Some say that looking at a screen all day doesn’t make a difference to your eyesight, and while this is in part true, it can still affect your long site. Looking at something right in front of you all day ensures that your long sightedness suffers. The way to get around this is to make sure you take a break and look around from time to time. Keep your eyes fresh. Close them for a minute or so then open them again. You need to be careful by making sure you use the right glasses. If you need a new prescription then get one. Not using the right glasses can make any vision issues even worse than they already are.

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