How To Create The Ultimate Minimalist Home

More of us than ever are paring back and trying to streamline our homes. A minimalist style of interior design has become popular for those looking to organize and edit their homes. When done well this style of decorating and design can create a less stressful, more appealing, and cleaner home. If you want to create the ultimate minimalist home take a look at our tips and tricks below…


Kitchens can be notorious for clutter. How many of us have fight for space on our kitchen countertops? Between the microwave, kettle, and utensil pots there’s little room for much else. All of this goes against the basics of a minimalist interior. Clean, sharp, and minimal are the cornerstones of this look.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that white kitchens are the way forward for a minimalist look. Minimal doesn’t have to mean boring or predictable, though, so mix it up and surprise with your kitchen design. Black kitchens are fast becoming a trend for those looking to create a minimal look. It’s equally as clean and slick as all white units, but it has some added drama and atmosphere. Pair your black units and worktops with some brass lights fittings and copper tones. If you’re not keen on having a completely black countertop, go for dark stone instead.

Living Room

Getting a minimalist style right in the living room really depends on your choice of furniture. Often we can go overboard with our seating in this room. Huge sofas and armchairs jostle for attention amongst paintings, coffee tables, maybe even bookshelves. All of this needs to be paired back to nail this scheme.

Consider what are essential pieces of furniture and which aren’t. You probably only need one sofa with another chair. If you do want a coffee table too, consider what you’ll put on it. A stack of monochrome magazines or books on one end and some pale flowers in a glass vase at the other will work well. Avoid cluttering your coffee table with anything else. In terms of the furniture itself, white works well. You’ll need an upholstery cleaner to keep everything look crisp and fresh for this look, and white can be a difficult color to upkeep on your own.

Decorating and Accessories

Couch Furnitures Indoors Lamp Interior Design

A simple paired back design shouldn’t be clinical and boring. You can use blankets, rugs, and even wall art in a minimalist design. Less is more in terms of wall art so hang a single striking painting in the living room with a plain frame. Similarly, potted plants and pale flowers work well too. In terms of rugs stick to soft grays and muted tones, natural fabrics work well too.

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