Your Home Is Vulnerable When You’re At Work–Secure It With These Tips

Almost everyone secures their home when they go on vacation or plan to leave the property unattended for a long time. It makes a lot of sense because the house is vulnerable and you are nowhere in the vicinity. But, what about when you are at work? The reality is that it is a very similar situation, yet you won’t take the same security measures. In fact, some people don’t even think their home is vulnerable just because they are a few miles away. Homes are always vulnerable, which is why you need to take its security seriously when you go to work.


Here is a handful of tips that will help you make the transition.


Ask A Neighbour A Favour


Thieves love properties with no one watching because they are an easy target. What they hate is a noisy neighbour that is looking for trouble. Although they can be annoying, neighbours do add plenty of value when it comes to security. By keeping a lookout, they will automatically scare away intruders. And, most people are happy to do it because they will expect the same in return. All you have to do is ask them to keep their eyes out for anything suspicious and to call you if anything happens. It’s a simple tactic but very effective.

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Big Brother Is Watching


Another thing burglars hate is cameras. They hate them because it means there’s a higher chance of getting caught. Cameras these days are so good they can identify an intruder from quite a distance. Thieves can’t take this chance, not if they don’t want to go to jail. For those of you that can’t afford a system, dummy cameras are available. They are a gamble, but it is a gamble that tends to work because it uses the law of averages to its advantage. An intruder can never know if a camera works or not, so they won’t take the risk. Instead, they’ll look for a house with less security.


Eyes And Ears Everywhere


Should anyone get inside your house, you want to identify the person as soon as possible. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to install cameras inside the property as well as outside. Hidden cameras and nanny cams can watch your house and record anyone that enters that shouldn’t be there. And, you can even link them to your phone to get live updates. Eyes are excellent, but eyes and ears are better. Micro recorders are available at Spycentre and other stores, and they are an awesome purchase. They record any sound that takes place in the property, which means you’ll get the audio as well as the video. Audio and video should be more than enough for the police to ID an intruder and put them away.


You might think that while you are at work nothing will happen at home. That is wrong because your house is empty and open to attack, which is why you should secure it every time you leave the house.

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