Protect Your Home While You Are Away

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The security of our home is a concern we all have before we head away, whether on business or a holiday. It’s that thing that gets us hot under the collar as we are sat in our seats on the plane, wondering if we did enough to protect our castle from an intruder. We question any weaknesses in our defense.


Well, before you go away on your next trip, here is a checklist of things you can do to better protect your home from coming under any harm.

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Stay Away From Social Media

It only takes a like for your Facebook or Instagram posts to become visible to unwanted eyes, and leave your home open to attack. As such, make sure you avoid every temptation to increase your social standing until you have got back from your trip. Posting a picture of your morning view of white sandy beaches and endless oceans is an attractive proposition in a social media-addicted world, but while you’re busy being pleased with yourself, someone else may be alerted to the fact you aren’t home, which could wipe a smile off your face.


Over Sell Your Security System

If you don’t have one, then investing in the best home security system should be your very first move. Your second move should be to advertise your security system. Burglars cannot be deterred by a system they don’t know about. Of course, you could run the risk of telling a thief what system you are using and thus how to get past it. So why not buy window stickers that advertise a different company, and install fake security cameras, and anything else that will make them think twice. There are plenty of homes, so make yours the least attractive proposition to thieves.


Make It Look Like Someone Is Home

A great way to do this is by actually having someone look after your home while you are away. Perhaps your best friend has a daughter that wouldn’t mind a break from her parents and a bit of extra cash. If not, then buy a few timers and spread them out over your home. Don’t just limit them to the lights, though. Have the television come on, or the radio. The outside lights and the cellar. Anywhere and everywhere you can think of. Leave your car in the driveway. Have the gardener come in a couple of times that week. The cleaner too. The more activity there is at your home the better. Think Home Alone.


Your Post Is A Giveaway

Before you head off for a week or two, always head to the post office and ask them if they can hold your post. The same goes for milk deliveries and newspapers. The reason for this is simple. If you have a ton of letters poking out of your letter box or a hundred milk bottles, a thief is going to realize that something is up; namely the fact that no one is in. They’ll sense a weakness and they will pounce, so don’t let your post give you away.

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