Is It Time To Retire Your Workhorse?


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You’ve held onto your car through many years and every time you think her life has come to an end, miraculously you have managed to stretch a few more miles out of her.  The thought of saying goodbye to the car you took on your first date, headed out on your favourite road trip and got you home through a storm when others were stranded, has been a little too much for you.  Sadly though, it’s time to admit her driving days are over.


If you are lucky you may find someone who is just starting out as a driver and is desperate to get their hands on a cheap project car.  Who know’s with a little bit of TLC somebody could nurse her back to life.  Or you could consider setting her off on a new life at the race track.  Her engine is kaput but she has an incredible chassis so maybe someone could give her an exciting future.  The likely route? Junk cars for cash.  Sorry, as hard as that is going to be, we have to let go at some point right?


Good.  Now that is sorted out, let’s have a look at your new options.  A younger, safer more reliable workhorse that is going to look after you, and your children if you have them, slowly becoming full of brilliant memories you will make in the future.


Car finance packages are an excellent way of getting into a brand spanking new car.  There are so many options right now including hire purchase solutions which can help bring the monthly costs down a touch.  You could also consider checking with your personal bank and seeing what rates they offer.  Sometimes the interest rate on a bank loan is a little lower.  Although the bonus of dealer finance is you sometimes find they offer some incentives too.  Such a discount on the OTR price of the car.  Dealers make money out of selling you finance so they are able to move a little more on price sometimes.  Also a few manufacturers offer free insurance for a year or free servicing.  So speak to your local car traders and find out what they have to offer.


If you don’t have the budget to go new and the finance is something you want to avoid then the second-hand car market is the place for you.  With plenty of internet auction sites specialising in second-hand motors, you can cut out the middleman and head straight for the seller.  You will need mechanical knowledge, so if you are light on that then find a friend or a local mechanic who will come with you.  Make sure you do a history check on the car too.  You don’t want to be buying something that ought to be in the junkyard you just sent your old faithful to.
Buying a new car is a huge commitment and a massive financial investment so take your time and do your research.  However the peace of mind that comes from having a newer car with tons of modern safety features is worth the wait and the money.  Happy driving!

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