3 Delicious Vegetarian Recipes That’ll Make Meat Eaters Green With Envy!

It’s easy to assume that all meals should contain some form of meat, pork or poultry. The truth is, there are many delicious vegetarian meals out there. What’s more, they will secretly make many meat eater envious!


With more people becoming flexitarians (only eating meat some of the time), there is a need for good recipe ideas. Of course, there are also some people wishing to convert to vegetarianism as well. So, just what kind of veggie meals are out there that taste great?


You might not think it, but there are hundreds of meal ideas just waiting for you to try them out! Here is a selection of some of the most delicious ones to tempt your taste buds:


Image via Wikimedia Commons


Macaroni Cheese


Let’s face it; you don’t always have to create a culinary masterpiece that takes you a long time to prepare. Nor do you need to make meals with scores of ingredients. There will be times where you just don’t feel like spending lots of time in the kitchen.


Sometimes, you just want something quick and straightforward to prepare. For such occasions, Macaroni Cheese is an ideal choice! Check out http://allrecipes.com/recipe/24321/moms-favorite-baked-mac-and-cheese/ for a recipe that takes just ten minutes to prepare! All you need are a few ingredients, and you can let your oven take care of the rest.

Homemade Veggie Burger with Potato Wedges


Are you someone who enjoys eating the occasional burger? Well, the good news is that you can cook a delicious veggie burger at home.


Sure, it might not have a beef patty. But, it’s just as mouth-watering and a lot healthier too! If you feel like making a diner-style meal, either for yourself or your family, how about some homemade veggie burgers with potato wedges?


You might be wondering what your burger will consist of; after all, you won’t be using any meat. To be honest, there is a variety of recipes out there that use all kinds of ingredients. Take a look here to see a few examples!


Image via Wikimedia Commons


Mushroom, black bean or even Quorn mince burgers are a few examples that you can try. Bear in mind that it does take a lot of prep work to create veggie burgers, but the end results are superb.


Be sure you’ve got the right gear in your kitchen before you begin. For a start, you’ll need to do a lot of chopping, so some sharp, good quality knives are essential. Check out http://www.cutitfine.com/kitchen-knife-set-reviews/ for some knife set ideas. You’ll also need a robust and powerful food processor to mix the ingredients.


When it comes to the potato wedges, simply peel and chop up some potatoes into wedge shapes. You can either fry them or cook them in an oven. If you’re doing the latter, coat them with some oil and paprika if you wish to make them a bit spicy.


Pasta with spinach and pesto


Are you in the mood for something Italian? If so, how about a quick and easy yet scrumptious pasta meal? It only needs just a few ingredients:


  • Fusilli or Penne Pasta;
  • Walnuts and basil leaves;
  • Garlic;
  • Soft cheese; and
  • Spinach.

150 grams of pasta will serve a couple of people. Simply boil the pasta and while that’s happening, use a food processor to blend everything else except the spinach. Once the pasta is boiled, you can drain the water and then stir in the homemade pesto and spinach. Et voila!

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