Taking The Shortcuts To Building A Real Connection To Your Customers

The relationship between customer and business is one that can spend years in a state of flux or go to an extreme in a matter of moments. The wrong solution or the wrong message can ruin the whole relationship. The right approach can create the kind of brand loyalty that you might have thought only possible for the biggest of businesses. Here, we’re going to look at how you make steps to creating the best customer relationship you can.



Make life as easy for them as possible

Regardless of what you’re offering them and what you find out about them, the fact is that a business shouldn’t be hard to do business with. Any barriers that separate you from your customers need to be eliminated. On your website, this might mean simplifying navigation and creating a much more streamlined e-commerce approach. In physical retail, this means making sure that your services are accessible, especially when it comes to payment. If you’re not using things like merchant services to offer more payment options to your customers, then they may just well look elsewhere. Keeping your business accessible to your market is vital if you want to have any kind of relationship with your customers.



Listen to them

That same level of ease and flexibility should go into how you conduct customer communication. A lot of smaller businesses, in particular, tend to have a hard time listening to criticism. Instead of offering support, they can get defensive. Besides listening to them in person and offering customer support, seek their advice online. Ask for testimonials, send out surveys through social media, ask them what they think of you. You might not like some of the answers, but its crucial to understanding the marketing that you’ve found yourself in. Even being willing and open to listening to feedback, and sometimes showcasing the changes you make in response, can win you a lot of respect from existing and potential customers alike.



Get some insight

A customer might be able to tell you about how they think and feel about your business. However, they’re not always the most reliable people to talk to when it comes to finding out what they want. A better way to do that is just let them show them. For instance, you can use customer relationship management tools to compile all sorts of data on them that allows you some insight into those wants. You can use your website as a tool to the same ends, too. Heat maps can show what parts of the website garner more attention that others. If you use a search bar on your site, realize how useful a tool that can be as well. The results of search bar analysis give you a direct look at what your customers are looking for.

Knowing their wants and needs and knowing that you don’t know everything is important. You need to be open in the relationship and willing to listen, as you should be in all relationships. Sometimes that also means reading between the lines and doing a little digging to find what they really want.

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