Money For Nothing

It is litigious age, just as it has always been. But today, we’re facing more lawsuits than ever before – and especially in the United States, where – get this – 70% of the world’s lawyers live. SEVENTY PERCENT! To put that into some context, America only has 5% of the world’s population (It also has 25% of the world’s prison population! Every day is a school day…). In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most comical and ridiculous lawsuits of years gone by, and also highlight some of the surprising ways you yourself can be sued if you’re not too careful (or horribly unlucky!)




Don’t Pay Attention, Get Rich


This will either make your blood boil or, if you’re prone to absent-mindedness, make you exciting at the prospect of future revenue. There is a woman out there (I don’t know what to be sued, so won’t mention names), who lives in Georgia, who walked into a ladder as she was sending a text, got injured, and then sued the company responsible for the ladder for $175,000. She didn’t get everything she wanted…just $161,000! Apparently, having your head in your phone and not looking to see the clearly marked signs saying “there is work happening here” is enough to bring a big pay day!


Trying to Make Money, Lose Money


There’s another case, one of a postman who is delivering an invoice to a person at their home. He trips up over a curb in the front garden of the person’s house. He’s mildly injured. But he’s able to sue. You know why? Because in his hand was a business document, and because the homeowner didn’t have home business insurance, wasn’t covered for the injuries. The man has to pay out of his own pocket, for a postman tripping up. Let that sink in.


Keeping You Alert


Remember the ridiculous lawsuit from a few decades back, the one about a woman suing McDonald’s because she spilled hot coffee on herself? Well, those type of things never really go away (she won, after all!). Last year it was Starbucks’ time to feel the heat of their coffee, because they were subject to two “I can’t believe it” lawsuits. The first one said…something…about their being too much steamed milk in their latte (the complaint is unclear). The other was a lawsuit to do with – get this – Starbucks putting too much ice…in their iced coffee. A victory for the little guy against an evil corporation, or another example of a legal system that has too much money (and time!).


Printing Money

Some people just want to watch the world burn. I’m not going to type his name, because by all accounts he is a serial abuser of the courts system. Anyway, this man sued a person he had bought a printer from off Craigslist several years prior for… $30,000. It’s apparently because the printer broke down and the seller was in breach of contract. For the record: the printer cost $40…six years ago. Even if he loses, the guy he has sued has already paid $12,000 in legal fees!

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