Subtle Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom

We spend more time in our bedrooms than in any other room in the house. But our bedrooms don’t often get the attention they deserve. Is your bedroom boring? Could it do with a bit of a face life? Take a look at some of these subtle and charming ways to make your bedroom a more enjoyable space.


Add Art And Lighting From Another Room


Most people favour guest spaces when decorating their homes. After all, people want to put their best foot forward. The result of this, however, is that bedrooms end up looking shabby and neglected because all the attention is focused elsewhere.

Pillow Light Room Bedroom Night Lamp Sleep

Pillow Light Room Bedroom Night Lamp Sleep

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Here’s an idea. Instead of going out shopping for new paintings and furniture to put in your bedroom, go around the rest of your house and pinch stuff from other rooms that isn’t really adding much to the interior design or atmosphere. There’s bound to be something that’s superfluous or something hidden away in the closet that you can put to use in your bedroom. Accessorizing your bedroom with random items from your house helps to give it character and make it unique.


Spruce Up Your Wardrobe




The insides of wardrobes can look tacky and cheap, especially if they are constructed from cheap MDF screwed together by ugly metal screws. A much stronger and beautiful option is to build a wardrobe that uses wood dowels instead. This will help to make your bedroom feel more authentic while also helping the furniture in your bedroom to last longer.


Grab A Box And Bin 10 Things You Haven’t Worn In A Year


When it comes to hanging on to old clothes, we’re all guilty. For whatever reason, many of us can’t bring ourselves to throw out items, even those that we haven’t worn for years. The problem is that these clothes take up space in our drawers and turn our bedrooms into a mess. Apartment Therapy recommends that people in these situations bit the bullet and take a metaphorical meat cleaver to their closets, banning 10 things they haven’t worn in the last year. You’ll be surprised how little you miss them.


Put Your Phone Charger Across The Room


Putting your phone charger across the room from your bed is one of the best ways to make sure that you get a good night’s sleep. At the moment, we’re living in something of a smartphone-induced insomnia epidemic. Scrolling right just before going to bed is a bad idea because the blue light emitted by your phone makes your body think that it is time to wake up. Problems don’t stop at night either: setting alarm clocks in the morning rips you out of deep sleep and puts you in a bad mood all day.

Bedroom Wardrobe Light Wood

Bedroom Wardrobe Light Wood

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There’s a solution, however. Putting your charger across the room helps you to avoid the temptation of using your phone late at night. And turning off your alarm, if you can, means you’ll wake up naturally.


Finally, it’s worth taking some time to see whether your window covering are actually blocking out all the light from the street. If they’re not, they could be the reason you aren’t sleeping very well.

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