The Ultimate Driving Checklist For Weekend Camping Trips

Urban life is all good and well, but nothing can beat the feeling of setting off on a Friday afternoon for a weekend of hiking and camping in the great outdoors. Indeed, the sensation of being out in the wild is as freeing as owning a car and being able to drive wherever you please. It’s still a little bit chilly outside, but this is the perfect time to look forward to the great trips that await us as soon as the weather warms up a little bit. Will it be the Lake District, the Scottish Highlands, or even across into the continent for your camping trip? With a properly prepared vehicle, the choice will be yours.



A Well Oiled Machine


Taking a trip into the unknown is as good a time as any to make sure your vehicle is well lubricated and in tip-top shape. You’ll have taken care of the obvious one, petrol, just as you would before any long trip. However, petrol is more important on a camping trip. Why? Because you’re leaving civilisation, and there might not be as many petrol stations as you’d like. If you’re driving off the beaten path, make sure you have a full tank of petrol. Similarly, you’ll want to make sure you’ve topped up your oil before you go. Driving up and down valleys and especially mountains (if you’re on the continent) can play havoc with your car, so make it’s well fed in advance.


All in the Grip/Lighting the Way


If you don’t often taken camping trips, you might be surprised that driving isn’t all about smooth roads and genteel winding country tracks: once you step off the map, the terrain you encounter is anybody’s guess. You might be splashing your way through mud, tackling country dirt roads, or be driving on surfaces that aren’t cleared when it’s snowy or icy. This is all a way of saying: make sure your tires are up for the job. This could be as simple as checking your tire pressure gauge to make sure it’s as it should be or getting a new set from a company such as Wiltshire Tyres. You don’t want to any chances, especially if there’s a chance the roads might be slippery (in some places, snow will be on the ground well into spring!).


Additionally, you have to make sure your lights are all in working order before you set off. You might not notice that you’re missing lights when you’re driving around town, but will when you get out into the country and there are no lights anywhere to guide you.



Emergency Kit

Even the most reliable of cars can break down from time to time, and if you’re driving in difficult terrain, this becomes even more of a possibility. Make sure you pack an emergency kit in the pack of your vehicle besides your camping equipment. Luckily, you should have snacks and bottled water already with you as part of your trip supplies, but having a few specific car items can also go a long way.

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