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A lot of us weren’t blessed with that money-saving gene, or that ability to understand why anyone would to save money; living each day like it’s your last hardly leaves room for you to think about the future and why saving is important. That’s why we sometimes need help understanding how a little bit of saving can improve our lives, a lot. As such, we have come up with a variety of reasons why you should consider putting aside a little bit of cash each month, which will hopefully help give you a clear goal to work towards. Enjoy.


  1. Emergencies.

This is pretty much the number 1 reason for saving money. There is nothing worse than when you suddenly have to come up with some money to cover an unexpected cost. This could be anything. It could be your car has decided it doesn’t want to drive anymore, not with the current clutch anyway. It could be that your boss hasn’t been telling the truth and they no longer need you at work, or you didn’t pass probation, and so you’re suddenly left without an income. It could be that you’re in desperate need of some water heater repair because those cold showers are starting to suck now it is the winter. There is no correct figure, but we recommend you start with having about a thousand bucks put aside, you know, just in case.


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  1. House

This is a very common reason for why people save. They want to own their own home and in order to do this they really need a down payment. What’s more, when it comes to house buying, the more money you have saved the better you will be able to negotiate a great deal. Money is power after all. You’ll be able to negotiate a better interest rate and be able to look at bigger houses or houses closer to your ideal area or whatever it may be. It will also make repayments much easier to cope with. So start saving for this.


  1. Vacation or Staycation

There aren’t many things that are more annoying than when your friends decide they want to book a holiday and have invited you to join them, but you can’t accept their kind offer because you can’t afford it. Or it could just be that the increasing stress of life has got too much and you just need a break. Having a little something tucked away will grant you that freedom and the more you have tucked away the further you can go or the more luxurious your stay can be. Spontaneity is a luxury well worth investing in.


  1. Education

It may be that you’ve decided to go back to school for whatever reason. Maybe you want to improve your knowledge, maybe you want to learn a skill, maybe you have started your own small business and want to improve on your marketing know how. Saving up will allow you to achieve this dream. It may be that the education isn’t even for you. Maybe you’ve just had a child and you want them to have the best future possible, including a college education. You best start saving now. Trust us.

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