From Spring To Fall: How To Make Your Home Season Flexible


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As we progress through the year, we want our homes to keep up with the weather. In winter we tend to prefer cozy spaces for snuggling down and hibernating, whereas in the summer we want bright, open, cooling spaces to keep us fresh. Trying to get both of these effects from the same room can seem like a real challenge, but it’s perfectly possible with just a few specific changes. If you want your home to be season-flexible, keep on reading.


Keep it neutral

When it comes to painting your walls and choosing your main items of furniture, it can be tempting to buy for the season you’re currently in, rather than the whole year. For example, a large, soft, dark leather sofa is great in the winter, but can be a sticky nightmare in the summer. Try to consider the whole year when you’re buying – this is made easier by sticking to neutral shades which can be warmed up with accessories and soft furnishings in winter.


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Create a stylish focal point

Whether this is the bed in the master bedroom, your oven in the kitchen, or a fireplace in the lounge, a stylish focal point will drag your room through the year, but can also be altered to reflect the year. For example, a bed can define a room, and light-colored or floral bedding reflects summer, whereas dark and heavy bedding reflects winter, but nothing else in the room needs to be changed. In a living room, a fireplace can have a roaring fire in the winter, but in the summer the mantle can have a fresh vase of flowers, and the fireplace remains ornamental. Choosing a fireplace that looks great all year round is really important, so be sure to have a careful look for the best electric fireplace for your home.


Use soft furnishings wisely

If you can afford the storage space, keep separate soft furnishings for the changing seasons. This is great stylistically, but also from the angle of comfort too. While you don’t need heavy throws and cushions in summer, it can be a real treat to have the option to take them out of storage once the nights start drawing in. Change heavy rugs and curtains for lighter, softer fabrics in summer to make the room feel fresher and more seasonal.


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Define your accessories

Some accessories work all year round, such as family photos, vases, and a few ornaments. Keep this number to a minimum, and invest in some seasonal accessories which can change as the year goes round. Christmas candles, cute Halloween pumpkins, and ornate fake flowers are great additions to a room which ensure it’s in keeping with the season, without breaking the bank.


Keeping your room season flexible is all about creating a focal point to the room that changes with the seasons, and a few choice accessories to give it a hand. As long as the rest of the home is kept fairly neutral, it’s straightforward to have a weather-relevant home all year round.

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