Turning Your Dream Hobby Into Your Career

We all have that special dream don’t we? The one where we love doing something and we wished we did it as a career? And yet there’s no way of achieving that is there? Think again. This is 2016 people. The world is ours for the taking. All you need to do is reach out and grab it. Here’s how the impossible can become the possible.

silhouette of a girl standing on a cliff side in his arms against the sunset

silhouette of a girl standing on a cliff side in his arms against the sunset








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O.k. Let’s see if you get this. Let’s say your Dad works in an office. It’s 9-7. Long hours. Long commute. He absolutely hates it and yet all he does when he comes home is make his way into the large stretch of garden you have at the back and work on his pride of joy; making delicate animal wood carvings. This is what he lives for. He’s out for l day on weekends, going down to the beach or the local forest collecting all different shapes and sizes of wood to cater to his personal needs. He wishes he had more time to do this. He would jump at the chance to take this further. Well now he can. Why not look on the web and hunt down freelance work? Everybody wants something on the internet don’t they? Alternatively why not ask around friends and family or be social, go to some wood carving classes and ask around there for any potential work. Money may be tight at first but it was when you started your first job wasn’t it? Just remember that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Once you start getting some orders in, you won’t be able to look back. Hand in your notice at work, say a fond farewell to the chaps and those monotonous repetitive office days will be long gone behind you. How about treating yourself for all the hard work you’ve done and go get yourself some brand spanking new tools? A chisel perhaps, a gouge or what about purchasing one of these saws that you get through companies like Straight Kerfs.

This is why reality TV programmes are so popular nowadays. Take a singing competition. The concept being that you think you have a hidden talent, be it singing in clubs and pubs or to the yellow plastic duck in the bath, so you get yourself off to an audition to sing in front of a group of music moguls. From then on, your dreams are hanging in the balance. They could be immediately shattered or start to be turned into reality. Succeed and you won’t believe in your wildest dreams what has happened. It will be a whole new life. A whole new career for you. It’s what you’ve always prayed to God for. The impossible becoming the possible.









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It could be the same for everyone. Why not take that giant leap out into the unknown? The benefits could be enormous and the possibilities are now starting to be opened up to you. This is your time. Don’t miss the boat. Do what you’ve always dreamed of.










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