Home Business Got You Seeing Red? Try Going Green

We all know that running a home business can be stressful from time to time. For starters, it’s hard to separate work from pleasure when you’re constantly wedded to your place of work. But could going green help, if only in a small way? Check out these green ideas for your home office.




Use Biodegradable Cleaners


Did you know that the majority of cleaners you use around your home contain toxic chemicals? These chemicals aren’t just bad for your health, they’re bad for your mood too. Some cleaners contain chemicals, like phthalates. These chemicals then wind up in your body, disrupting your hormones, and generally messing with your mood. What’s more, they’re bad for the environment, as many of them contain other chemicals that don’t break down in landfill.


Here’s a green idea that’ll help: use biodegradable cleaners. These cleaners skip a lot of the harmful chemicals ordinarily found in regular cleaning products. And they are okay for the environment to boot. Next time you run out of detergent or surface spray, opt for the environmentally friendly alternative.


Get Rid Of Paper




There’s nothing more annoying in the home office than out of control piles of paper littering all your surfaces. Is there anything you can do about it?


Well, if you’re a paper-based business, you might think that there isn’t. Sure, there’s lots of software out there that will do the job just as well as a pen and paper. But that software can’t replace your paper-based archive, can it?


Well, the software that you’re using right now probably can’t. But today, there are document conversion services that are very clever. Here, you simply scan all your archived documents. Then the software will automatically categorise them for you using learning algorithms. This means that you can transfer your archives out of your office and into the cloud. That means less paper, less mess, and arguably, less rage when you come to find old documents. After all, they’ll be just as searchable as everything else online.


Replace Your Lightbulbs


Nobody who runs a home business likes getting whacked with a big electricity bill at the end of the month. According to the department of energy, about 20 percent of the energy we use at home is wasted. But something as simple as changing your light bulbs can change all that. Get rid of your old light bulbs and switch to LEDs. These use significantly less power, and they last up to ten times as long. Remember, you don’t have to opt for LED with harsh blue lights. Most LED bulbs come with shrouds that modify the light to make it appear more natural.


Go Green For Web Hosting

Green Web Hosting.

Green Web Hosting.


Web hosting is a small, but annoying cost for most small businesses. But you could save a bit of money by switching to a hosting service with green credentials. Thanks to the plummeting cost of solar, many green web hosting services are cheaper than their fossil fuel competitors. This means that you can save a bit of money, and look after the environment by switching. Why not give it a go?

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