How To Hire The Best Physicians For Your Hospital

How To Hire The Best Physicians For Your Hospital

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According to Statista data, there were 1,062,205 active professional physicians in America in September 2021. It is no secret that the healthcare industry has high turnover rates, so you may have to search for new and suitable talent more often than you would want to. Finding and recruiting excellent physician candidates is one of the hardest tasks any hospital can tackle, but you can enjoy great success by following helpful strategies. Below are some top tips for hiring the right doctors for your hospital.

  1. Pay attention to cultural fit

Physicians at your medical practice must have certain core values and skills to excel. However, you cannot turn a blind eye to their potential for cultural fit, which simply means how a candidate’s behaviors, beliefs, and values fit within the framework established by current employees. Finding a good cultural fit doesn’t mean avoiding diversity. In fact, a diverse workforce can help you outperform competitors by 35%, so experts encourage you to prioritize diversity when hiring. Cultural fit simply implies considering how a potential candidate would like your work environment on a more personal level. It is vital to pay attention to cultural fit because if your candidate and existing staff don’t like the fit, productivity may decrease, and you will likely have to start the hiring process again.

  1. Vet the best candidates

Medical practice fraud is a top concern for all hospitals, but you can avoid it altogether by vetting the best candidates for roles. This vetting should include checking candidates’ backgrounds using a credentialing management system to confirm that they meet standards for delivering clinical care. Previous employers and ex-colleagues can also tell you a lot about a candidate, so contacting these references is vital during the hiring process. Researching candidates will ensure that your hospital hires the most qualified, honest, and reliable physicians.

  1. Assess candidates’ soft skills

A Wonderlic study discovered that 93% of hiring leaders considered soft skills essential when making hiring decisions. Many modern employers even consider more important than technical skills when hiring people. It is vital to note that physicians must have a people-centered approach to shine in their roles, so you should also prioritize soft skills during the hiring process. Effective communication, the ability to relate well with patients and colleagues alike, and listening skills are key traits to look out for. You can prepare appropriate interview questions to ensure that candidates have these traits. Also, you can leverage psychometric assessment tools before inviting candidates for in-person meetings.

  1. Revamp your recruiting procedures

Your hospital’s recruitment team may need to revise its hiring procedures to find the best physicians available. Therefore, ask your hiring department whether your hospital posts openings on trusted medical sites. You can also find out other ways through which open positions are being marketed and whether hiring managers are conducting in-depth interviews. Slight adjustments like advertising job openings to more diverse candidates and conducting multiple-part interviews can significantly improve your entire hiring process, so keep this in mind.

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