Six Simple Steps To Make Your Home Living Spaces Work Harder

Six Simple Steps To Make Your Home Living Spaces Work Harder

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If you can’t afford to move to a bigger home, learning to make your current living spaces work harder will be essential. It may seem like an impossible mission to undertake as you can’t physically add space to the property. However, small changes can make a big impact.

Here are six of the best solutions to help you transform your home in no time.

#1. Go open plan

It might be one of the more drastic changes. Nonetheless, removing an internal wall to create an open plan living space can work wonders. Alternatively, you may wish to consider the use of sliding doors to combine internal and external spaces. A living room that steps out onto the deck or patio can be incredible.

On a side note, open plan spaces are often easier to maintain.

#2. Think about internal storage

Your home should have plenty of internal storage features. Sadly, many homeowners overlook the importance of internal configurations. Custom kitchen cabinets, for example, will allow you to store far more items inside. Not to mention the fact that your kitchen will look brand new and sparkling.

Bathroom and bedroom cabinets can be updated to embrace new features too.

#3. Focus on financial savings

When thinking about home improvements, you must take the financial factors into account too. After all, the savings made can be used to pay for some of the intended upgrades. Remodeling with the environment in mind is a great way to make it happen. You’ll save the planet while also gaining the benefits of compact furniture and advanced tech. 

Better still, some of the savings can be used to enjoy life outside of the home.

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#4. Utilize your walls

When looking to create a bigger living space, you are primarily looking at the floor space. With this in mind, using wall brackets for TV displays or shelving can be a key step. Similarly, hanging photos on the walls can remove the need for sideboards. It is also a great option for adding personality to the hallways, even when the space itself is quite limited.

Another popular choice is to use mirrors for strategic light reflections.

#5. Consider converting spaces

If you have a guest room that sits unused, it is a major waste of space. Turning it into an office or art studio can make your property feel far more popular and aligned to your tastes. Similarly, you could consider transforming the garage, attic, or basement. It depends on the setup of your home, as well as your available budget.

It can additionally remove strain from other parts of the home.

#6. Think about furniture choices

Finally, you can make a big improvement to your use of space through furniture choices. A high sleeper cabin bed, for example, can overhaul a child’s bedroom. Meanwhile, retractable tables and space-saving furniture choices are great for smaller living spaces. It may take a minute or two to store them, but it is a worthwhile trade.

These options are also great for households that like to host a lot of gatherings.

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Preparing Your Home for Children to Visit

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If you don’t have children of your own, chances are, you probably haven’t ever given much thought to making your living space child-safe and friendly. Most adults know basic safety awareness and are able to navigate spaces while actively avoiding trouble, injury or harm. But children are new to the world and still don’t know what poses a threat and causes problems for them. Now, at some point down the line, you may find that you will have children visiting your home. Maybe a friend will visit and bring their child along. Maybe a sibling will have children and you’ll find yourself babysitting occasionally. Whatever the reason, it’s important that you take steps to make your home kid-friendly for their arrival. Here are a few suggestions that should help!


Clutter and mess should be removed from your home regardless. They can make living spaces feel cluttered, overwhelming and generally negative to spend time in. But this is especially important when children are visiting. Young children could put small items in their mouth, which could pose a choking hazard, or could place them in their nose or ears, which could result in a trip to A&E. Declutter your home, removing any items that you neither want nor need and disposing of them through Rubbish Works Junk Removal. You should make sure that any items you decide to keep are properly stored, with potentially dangerous or small items, in particular, being kept well out of the reach of little ones.

Cupboard Locks

Of course, children can still enter many storage solutions that are close to the ground. You may want to invest in cupboard locks for these more accessible spots. These will prevent little ones from getting into your cupboards and getting their hands on anything dangerous. Remember basic household items, such as medicine, cleaning products or plastic bags, can pose a serious threat to children.

Plug Covers

Kids tend to be tempted to put things in plug sockets. This comes with risk of electric shock. So, make sure to invest in basic, plastic plug covers, which generally insert into the plug and remove any temptation.

Blind Cords

If you have blinds, you should make sure that your blind cords are wrapped up and out of reach of children. Most come with a fixture that can be added to the wall next to the blinds and which the cords can be wrapped around. Blind cords pose a suffocation risk if children become tangled in them.

Fix Your Furniture to Walls

Now, very few adults would ever consider climbing furniture in their own or anyone else’s house. But for children, bookcases, storage units and other forms of furniture can look like fun climbing frames. Don’t allow children to climb on furniture, but also make sure that all furniture is firmly fixed to the wall, just in case.

These are just a few basic tips that can help you to make your home a more child-friendly environment for young visitors.

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Simple, Affordable Ways To Supercharge Your Smile

Surveys suggest that most of us consider our smiles our most important feature. If you’re keen to supercharge your smile, here are some simple ways to protect your teeth and gums and enhance your appearance and self-confidence. 

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Master the dental health basics

The best way to look after your smile and make your teeth shine and sparkle is to master the basics of dental health. Take good care of your teeth and gums by implementing a daily oral hygiene routine and seeing your local dentist on a regular basis. Brush for at least two minutes twice daily and clean between your teeth using dental floss or interdental brushes. This will help you to eliminate bacteria and food debris from areas that you can’t reach with your toothbrush. Schedule regular appointments with your dentist and seek advice if you develop symptoms, such as bleeding when you brush, pain, sore gums or heightened sensitivity.

Your eating habits are another important consideration. What you eat and when you eat have a major impact on your dental health. Try to ensure that you have a healthy, balanced diet, avoid snacking between meals and limit your intake of sugary and acidic foods and drinks. If you long for whiter, brighter teeth, it’s wise to avoid foods that stain the teeth. Examples include coffee, tea, red and white wine, dark berries and soy sauce. 

Consider cosmetic dentistry

Most people are not blessed with perfect pearly whites. The good news is that cosmetic dentistry offers solutions. Nowadays, dentists use an array of treatments and techniques to create beautiful smiles. If you’re conscious about the color of your teeth, your teeth are crooked, there are gaps between your teeth, or you have misshapen, chipped or uneven teeth, have you thought about having cosmetic dental treatment?

There are all kinds of cosmetic dental treatments available, and most practices now offer finance options to make services more accessible and affordable. Popular examples include tooth whitening, veneers, cosmetic bonding and adult braces. If you are thinking about having treatment, or you dream of having a stunning smile, look for dental clinics that specialize in cosmetic treatment, schedule a consultation to find out more about the services on offer and get some quotes. 

Invest in professional cleaning

Professional dental cleaning and hygiene services are hugely beneficial for your oral health, but they can also help you to achieve a megawatt smile. Advanced cleaning techniques are much more effective and powerful than brushing at home and they target discoloration and staining to create brighter, healthier-looking smiles. Dental hygiene treatments are particularly beneficial for those at risk of developing gum disease, as well as those with discolored teeth. 

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Many of us dream of showing off a flawless set of pearly whites when we smile. If you don’t have a perfect smile, or you’re looking for ways to protect your teeth and enhance the appearance of your smile, there are solutions. Master the basics of looking after your teeth, see a dentist on a regular basis, explore cosmetic dental treatment options and consider investing in professional cleaning and dental hygiene services.

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