3 Things You Need to Open Your Own Medical Practice

So, you’ve gone to medical school, done your residency and now you’re a fully licensed medical professional. What do you do next? Do you find employment at the local hospital, or do you open your own practice and become your own boss? The latter is often the most popular choice. You can get to put your newfound knowledge into something you’re passionate about whilst doing things your way. That’s right, you don’t have management looming over you, and you don’t have certain policies you have to follow. You can manage your practice just how you would like to. But what does it really take to open a medical practice? This guide is here to help!

Human Resources

Of course, for any practice to succeed it needs people to work in it. Now, you can either create a solo practice, where you are solely in charge and have the employees work for you, or your can open the practice with other industry professionals and share the workload. It’s most likely that you’ll want to open a practice with a partner or even as a group. This means tasks can be delegated between owners and the workload is not unbearable. Together, you could also decide who else you need to hire for your practice. From doctors to nurses, clerical staff, and billing, you will need the right people for the job. Without these professionals, it’s unlikely that your practice will survive. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to hire a lot of professionals. When first opening a practice, it’ll likely be quite small and intimate and as the practice grows, more staff can be bought on. Although essential, don’t overwhelm yourself with too many staff members.


Although you and your staff members are completely knowledgeable in the field of medicine, you’ll still need specialised equipment to help you complete certain treatments. Whether it’s a sphygmometer to measure someone’s blood pressure or more advanced technology like an x-ray machine, your practice will need this equipment to treat patients properly. Medical equipment can often be expensive and that’s something every practice needs to take into account. Thankfully, however, Bosshard Medical pressure area care equipment can be rented or bought, depending on the financial status of a practice. In fact, many medical equipment suppliers will have the options to either buy or rent equipment. For beginning practices, renting is always a popular choice as it’s often more affordable than buying equipment outright. Similarly, to staffing processes, as the practice grows, more can be invested in different equipment.


As you’ve probably guessed by now, you’ll need some significant funding if you want to open your own practice. From payroll costs, equipment costs and then the costs of training, the premises, and insurances, you’re talking about a hefty sum. Although daunting, there are plenty of loans available

for physicians to look into to fund their dreams but there are also private investors out there too who are willing to invest in a start up practice. These investors can have an input in the business if that’s what’s agreed upon, or they could be an angel investor and simply supply the necessary finances and leave the running of the practice up to the medical professionals. There’s no right or wrong way to finance a new practice, it’s all about finding what option fits best.

There is a lot to do when opening a new practice and it can be an intimidating process for a lot of industry professionals. However, it’s also incredibly exciting being able to let loose with all of this new knowledge you have. There are plenty of advisors out there who can guide you when you may need a helping hand so don’t think you have to go through this alone. The time and effort you put into the practice will certainly show.

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