How do You Know When it’s Time to Leave Your Job?

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We all have ups and downs with our jobs. Everyone knows that things can’t be perfect all the time. But how do you know when enough is really enough and it’s time to think about moving on? If you’ve been unhappy in your place of work for a while now, but can’t quite put your finger on what the problem is, then read on for some signs that it’s definitely time to start considering other options.

1.   You can’t leave it at the door

Sometimes it’s good to vent to whoever’s at home about work. Colleagues can be annoying, your boss might have made an unfair decision, or your workload might be high at the moment. All these things can be difficult to completely switch off from. What you need to assess is how often you’re bringing negative energy home with you from work. If you find you really can’t switch off, and thoughts about work are bringing your mood down constantly, even when you’re not there, then it might be a toxic place for you right now.

2.   You dread the night before

No one likes a Sunday evening – we’d much rather it was Friday and we had the whole weekend stretching ahead of us again. But if you find yourself feeling low or in an abnormally bad mood before you have to return to work, this is a telling sign that something isn’t right.

3.   You’re too comfortable

If you want a career, something that challenges and stimulates you, an environment where you thrive and are learning new skills and developing both personally and professionally, but you feel like your current job isn’t providing that, then it’s time to really ask yourself why. Is it the job that you thought it was going to be? Or, over time, have you settled into a routine and are no longer pursuing new things? If you have regular one-to-ones with your boss, then it might be the time to raise the fact that you aren’t feeling as creatively challenged as you’d like to be. You can ask for more responsibility, or if there are additional tasks you can take on if your current workload allows.

4.   It’s a negative environment.

Unfortunately, it’s usually impossible to tell what kind of atmosphere an office has until you’ve signed your contract. And, by then, it’s usually too late to change anything. A good starting point is to know your rights in the workplace. If things are occurring in your office space that you aren’t comfortable with, or you think might be pushing the boundaries of what’s legal, see if you can find someone in Personnel to discuss this with. That might not be easy though – sometimes you need an external perspective. If you have a friend from another company who can advise you, then that can be beneficial. If something has happened to you in the workplace then never be afraid to see a tough personal injury attorney. You need to protect yourself and the workplace should never be an unsafe environment for you.

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