Tips and Tricks to Free Up Your Finances

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Are you looking for ways to cut your spending without feeling the pinch? Sometimes, it can seem impossible to scrape more out of your budget, but there are some pain-free strategies that might surprise you. Read on for tips and tricks to make those dollars go further.

Cut Out Cable

Cable TV is pretty expensive these days, so why not give it the ax? Thanks to technology, there are better options for your viewing pleasure. For example, a Roku streaming stick allows you to stream oodles of entertainment, with access to over half a million movies and TV shows. What’s more, most channels offer apps that include live TV, viewable either with a streaming device or online.

Rethink Tanking Up

Whether it’s the daily commute or a cross-country road trip, gasoline is a must-have. You might think there is simply no way to cut your spending on fuel without giving up something. However, if you join a major gas or grocery chain’s rewards program, you can save money every time you fill your gas tank. Check out what’s available at the stations you frequent, and if you opt for a credit card program, make it a point to pay cards off so interest doesn’t eat up your savings.

Similarly, consider gift card programs. For example, Walmart offers a discount on gas purchased with a prepaid gift card. It’s a great way to ensure you don’t end up with a pile of interest if that’s something you struggle with.

Great Getaways

Vacationing, weekends away, and day trips with the fam can add up pretty quickly. If you’re looking for opportunities to stretch your dollars and still have fun, why not head to a state park? Most state parks are either free or have minimal charges, and if you make a habit of going, you can usually purchase a pass to save the entry fee. The funds collected often go right back into the parks, and to top it all off, you some bonus perks from spending time in the great outdoors. As the American Heart Association explains, nature appears to offer some key health benefits, like lowering stress and anxiety, so you can double dip on the good feels.

Chic and Sensible

Clothing can eat up your income pretty quickly, especially if you enjoy keeping up with the latest trends. Thankfully, the used clothing market is a great way to keep you looking sharp without the high price tag of shopping new. So, consider hitting up your local thrift stores or shopping online through auction sites or web-based boutiques. For everything from workout clothes to PJs to date nights, you can outfit yourself and the family. After all, much of the excitement of shopping is the thrill of the hunt, so while it might be a bit more challenging to find what you want, that’s half the fun. There are bargains to be had — and dollars to be stretched!

Showstopping Savings

Date nights, matinees with the kids, or just catching the latest hot flick is less expensive than it used to be, at least if you play your cards right. Thanks to movie theater subscription opportunities, you can watch the big screen more affordably than you could in the past. Think about which cinemas are your favorites and explore your options, as each subscription service is different. It’s just the ticket to catching more films and spending less.

When it’s time to pinch pennies, there are some clever ways to make the most of your money. Rethink your routine spending habits, and search out opportunities to make things more affordable. You can have all the fun you normally do, and it’ll feel even better knowing you aren’t going broke doing it!

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Easy Steps To Improve Your Home’s Security

Being able to ensure that you, your family and your belongings are completely safe and secure inside your home should be one of your main priorities. You must take steps to minimize the chances of someone, or something, being able to break in and potentially cause harm to the residents and contents of your home, as wherever you live there’s a possibility that criminals and wild animals may be lurking nearby. Luckily, there are a few easy ways that you can improve your homes security in next to no time, that can help you sleep soundly at night having the utmost confidence that you won’t be disturbed. 

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Install An Alarm System

One of the best ways to protect your home is by installing an alarm system that can detect an intruder and alert you, and sometimes even the emergency services, immediately. Depending on the level of security you require, an alarm can help to cover the outside of your house as well as certain areas inside such as the ground floor once you go upstairs to sleep at night. The very moment that the motion, light or sound detection is tripped, a loud noise of some kind will sound. This will alert you to the situation, and also help to scare off who or whatever decided to gain access to your property. It can also help to alert your neighbors to contact the police if they can hear your alarm sounding continuously. Though the alarms physical container may act as a deterrent to some hopeful robbers, it can also signify that you have something (possibly very valuable and expensive) to protect, so be careful. 

Secure Windows & Doors

Invest some money in door and window replacement can boost the security of your house dramatically. Replacing any old and worn out windows for some reinforced double glazing will provide you with an extra thick layer of defense. Ensure that the locks to your windows are strong and sturdy, and assess the ease of opening them without a key or from the outside to identify any weaknesses. For external doors, avoid any kind of glass panelling that could be shattered or smashed easily. Its best to opt for a thick door that contains a spy hole, as well as a deadlock. A chain and limiter will help to keep you even more safe, as they allow you to speak with anyone who calls whilst making it close to impossible for them to gain entry. If you ever lose even one key to your home, be sure to get the locks changed as soon as possible. The small amount of money you will have to spend will be worth it to ensure the safety of your family. 

Get Some CCTV

Security cameras, though sometimes a costly investment, come with a whole host of benefits. Firstly just the existence of a camera, whether working or not, will be the perfect warning to anyone trying to gain unlawful access to your home and work well in putting them off their original plans. Being able to review and monitor the perimeter of your property without having to step foot outside will allow you to identify any risks before they become real problems and help to give you more time to prepare yourself and act accordingly. Some CCTV systems even link through to your smartphone or other electronic device, so you can check your house when you are away for even greater peace of mind. 


If you want to have maximum levels of security and your home is detached (stands alone), it might be worthwhile to consider purchasing fencing to surround your property or land. Fences can come in many different forms, ranging from railing with pointed tips that are unscalable, to strong and tall brick walls that make your house inaccessible from the outside. It’s completely up to you how far you would like to go, but just ensure that you have the right planning permission if you would like to build something. 

Trying to figure out what to do after your home broken into is really tough, and preventing the event from occurring in the first place is much easier. By following the easy steps above you should be able to increase the overall security of your house dramatically and feel much more relaxed knowing that you and your family are safe and sound. Don’t wait around for the worst to happen before you take the right amount measures to protect your property. 

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Simple Eco- Friendly Tips For The Home


We all want to do our part of the planet, and making sure that is it healthy and thriving is something which is important for many of us. This year in particular we need to take a stand and do what we can do be more eco-friendly because the world is changing at a rapid rate. Every little thing helps and there are so many ways that we can make a positive impact on the world and on our ecosystem. Today let’s take a look at some things you can do at home which will keep the planet happy

Plant a tree 

Trees are more important than you might think, and when it comes to keeping the planet happy it is more important than ever to plant trees and this is something which everyone can do which will make a huge impact on the planet. Trees produce oxygen and clear the carbon dioxide out of the air which has a hugely positive effect on our atmosphere. It is important to plant a tree this week and you will be helping the planet in a huge way. 

Use a rainwater tank 

A water tank from in the garden can be a great way to save your water bill and also to be more eco friendly. The act of pumping water through the home costs energy and energy is what can affect the environment, and this is why you should always try to use natural resources instead. You can place a tank in the garden and use this to fill your watering can and make sure your plants stay healthy without using the hose.

Take shorter showers 

Another way to save water and also save on heating is to take a shorter shower. Showering is always amazing and it is more than tempting to take 20 minutes in the shower every single day. But if you can reduce your shower time by 5 minutes, this will make an impact over the months in a positive way. 

Turn off the lights 

Switching the lights on and off all through the year is something which can be annoying and it will also use a lot of electricity. Unless it is dark in your chosen room you shouldn’t need to turn on the lights at all, and it is always important to switch off the lights when you are finished in a room. 

Go motion sensing 

If you think you might forget to turn off the lights, a great choice would be to use a motion sensing light instead. Motion sensing lights can be used inside and outside the house to allow you to have extra security and also save some real money. 

Wrap up 

Instead of turning on the heating every time the house is a little bit chilly, it is a great idea to invest in things such as a blanket for the sofa or some extra layers for yourself. Avoid the heating if you can for money and energy.

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