5 Guaranteed Mood Lifters for Dreary, Down Days

Aren’t those days the worst? Your alarm blares out annoyingly, the rain pours down and you open the fridge to find the milk carton is empty. Everyone experiences dreary, down days that seem unavoidable, but there are ways to turn your bad day into a positive one. When you’re caught in a negative spiral it is important to find activities that are guaranteed to trigger happier emotions inside your body. If you find yourself in these situations regularly, then consider some of the following mood lifters right now.


Listening to some upbeat and quirky tunes can work wonders when you’re trying to lift your spirits. Expand the type of music you listen to and try out new genres here https://stockmusic.net/blog/western-movie-music/. You will be surprised at the type of songs that spark inspiration and happiness inside of you. Try to take on projects that might require music too, such as home movie making or video editing; this will help to refocus your mind and give you an instant lift in positive endorphins.


2. Talking

When you’re having a bad day, the last thing you want to do is talk about the embarrassing reason why you’re feeling down. However, if you can talk to someone who is neutral and understanding, you will feel a whole lot better. Call up a close friend or go out for coffee with a colleague and you will feel like a weight as been lifted.

3. Moving

Exercise releases a rush of endorphins that can instantly make you feel better when you’re having a terrible day. Even though you might want to spend the day on the sofa eating cookies and watching romantic comedies, you might find it more beneficial to head to a dance class or go for a run!

4. Cooking

The methodical and therapeutic process of cooking should never be underestimated. Even if you aren’t the greatest chef in the world, you will probably end up with some delicious dishes in the end. Use some online recipes to start of simply and then branch out to more complicated foods when your confidence has grown. A couple of hours on your own in the kitchen will give you the time and space you need when you’re having one of those days.

5. Laughing

The benefits of laughter are undeniable, so why not go out of your way to have a giggle? Watch a funny film, rewatch your favourite comedy series or call up your most hilarious friend. Forcing yourself to laugh might sound crazy, but it will be an instant mood booster.

Some of these ideas might seem pretty obvious from afar, but have you ever given them a try? The next time you wake up with negative energy, you should try a handful of the activities mentioned above. Don’t allow a bad morning to spiral into a terrible day; uplift your mood using tried and tested techniques that work for you!

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