Your Home Was Broken Into…Now What?

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There’s a flood of emotions that takeover your mind when you come back to find that your home has been broken into. That’s an important note to make too. It’s very rare to experience a break-in when you’re inside the property. It’s far more likely that you’ve been away on holiday in town or somewhere else when a break-in occurred. As such, you could come back to a door ripped off its hinges, a window smashed or perhaps…nothing. That’s right, as scary as it sounds, a skilled robber can break into your home and make it look like no has been there at all. They might steal a few things or better yet a set of keys so they can come back later. This is why, after a break-in you should always change the locks.

It also brings that paranoia you experience when you can’t find something into question. Is it really paranoia, or could someone have broken into your house and taken it without you realizing?

Moving on from this question, we need to think about how to handle a break-in on your property.

Check What’s Missing

The first step is to check what valuables have gone and what ones are still there. Do check if there are any keys missing. If there are, make sure you get an appointment right away to change the locks. If no keys are missing, you still need to change the locks, but it’s probably not quite as urgent. Look for bank statements and important documents that might have been misplaced because thieves can use this information to commit fraud, going after you digitally rather than stealing from your home.

Ideally, you should have an inventory of the expensive items in your home. This should be updated on a regular basis to make sure you know exactly what could be missing or indeed, lost.

Notify The Right People

Your first call will probably be the police, though it’s worth pointing out that hardly any thieves are caught, and items are very rarely returned. As such, your insurance company is the second most important call. You may need to check whether your home is covered for the theft. Do bear in mind that 60% of homeowners are under-insured and you could be one of them. If that’s the case, then they may not help you with the theft as much as you’d hope. That’s why you shouldn’t skimp on your insurance estimate.

Add Extra Security

Lastly, you’re going to want to beef up the security for your home. Most break-ins can be prevented by deterring the criminal in the first place, ensuring that they don’t try to break in. You can do this, quite simply by making your home look like a difficult job. So add a CCTV camera, motion sensor lights and anything else that might make a robber think twice about breaking into your home.

We hope you this advice helps you if you ever do experience a break-in on your property. It can be frightening but taking the right steps, you will get through it.

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