Simple Eco- Friendly Tips For The Home


We all want to do our part of the planet, and making sure that is it healthy and thriving is something which is important for many of us. This year in particular we need to take a stand and do what we can do be more eco-friendly because the world is changing at a rapid rate. Every little thing helps and there are so many ways that we can make a positive impact on the world and on our ecosystem. Today let’s take a look at some things you can do at home which will keep the planet happy

Plant a tree 

Trees are more important than you might think, and when it comes to keeping the planet happy it is more important than ever to plant trees and this is something which everyone can do which will make a huge impact on the planet. Trees produce oxygen and clear the carbon dioxide out of the air which has a hugely positive effect on our atmosphere. It is important to plant a tree this week and you will be helping the planet in a huge way. 

Use a rainwater tank 

A water tank from in the garden can be a great way to save your water bill and also to be more eco friendly. The act of pumping water through the home costs energy and energy is what can affect the environment, and this is why you should always try to use natural resources instead. You can place a tank in the garden and use this to fill your watering can and make sure your plants stay healthy without using the hose.

Take shorter showers 

Another way to save water and also save on heating is to take a shorter shower. Showering is always amazing and it is more than tempting to take 20 minutes in the shower every single day. But if you can reduce your shower time by 5 minutes, this will make an impact over the months in a positive way. 

Turn off the lights 

Switching the lights on and off all through the year is something which can be annoying and it will also use a lot of electricity. Unless it is dark in your chosen room you shouldn’t need to turn on the lights at all, and it is always important to switch off the lights when you are finished in a room. 

Go motion sensing 

If you think you might forget to turn off the lights, a great choice would be to use a motion sensing light instead. Motion sensing lights can be used inside and outside the house to allow you to have extra security and also save some real money. 

Wrap up 

Instead of turning on the heating every time the house is a little bit chilly, it is a great idea to invest in things such as a blanket for the sofa or some extra layers for yourself. Avoid the heating if you can for money and energy.

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