4 Functionality Problems That Are Ruining Your Business Website

Every business needs a website these days, otherwise, you’ll struggle to find new customers. But having a website isn’t enough, you need a good website that potential customers can use easily. The most important thing when building a website is functionality because a website that isn’t user friendly isn’t going to get many conversions. If people enter your site and they can’t work out how to navigate the pages and find the products that they’re interested in, they’re quickly going to leave. If your website isn’t getting that many conversions, you might be making one of these simple functionality mistakes. 

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Not Making A Mobile Version 

The majority of websites are accessed on mobile devices and tablets rather than laptops or desktop computers these days. If you only have a browser version of your website, it will be incredibly frustrating to use on a mobile device because the proportions will be all wrong, and that means that the majority of users aren’t experiencing the best version of the website. It’s so important that you make a specific mobile version of the site so it runs smoothly on all devices. If you’re having trouble with this, you need to get in touch with a professional digital marketing agency that specializes in website building. They will be able to help you create a website version of the site that functions properly on all devices. 

Too Much Going On 

When you’re creating a website, you need to consider the 3 I’s; inform, invite, and intrigue. You need your website to look good and it needs to have enough information, but still leave room for people to explore the website. But you won’t be able to achieve that if you have too much going on. It also means that people can’t easily spot what they’re looking for. It’s good to have pictures and videos on the site as well, but if the front page is filled with them, it becomes overwhelming. Less is more when it comes to website design so only include things that are absolutely necessary and cut the rest. 

Tiny Hyperlinks 

Hyperlinks are there for a reason, to be clicked on. So why would you make a website with tiny hyperlinks that are hard to spot and frustrating to click on? You’d be surprised how many people make this basic mistake and it makes navigating the website very frustrating for the user. You don’t have to put giant buttons on everything but when you’re adding hyperlinks to your website, make sure that you’re not making them too small. 

Too Many Pop-Ups 

Pop-ups can be useful on your website, especially for things like building your email list or advertising deals and offers. However, you’ve got to remember that people hate pop-ups and they can quickly become annoying. If somebody goes on your website and they are met with a pop-up, they’ll close it down and it won’t bother them too much. But if they have to close down 5 separate pop-ups before they can even see the homepage, that is going to be a problem. You can still use pop-ups, just use them sparingly. 

If your website isn’t converting very well, it’s likely that you’re making some of these simple functionality mistakes.

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