Road Trip Hacks for the Ride of Your Life

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There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned road trip to really make you feel alive and ensure that you appreciate the world around you that little bit more. However, you can make that amazing road trip even more amazing with a few simple hacks that will make it the ride of your life.

Here are some of those hacks that will make your next road trip that bit more amazing:

Have Your Car Serviced

AAA says that the vast majority of vehicle breakdowns could be prevented by having the vehicle serviced before heading out on a trip. So, if you do nothing else, be sure to take your car in and have the oil changed and the tires, brakes and battery checked. This will help to ensure that you don’t end up stranded in the middle of nowhere when you should be having a great time exploring the local attractions.

Make a Flexible Plan

One of the best things about going out on the open road is the sense of freedom it brings, which is why you shouldn’t make any strict plans about where you’re going and when. That being said, it does make sense to do a little light planning, so that you have a rough idea of the direction you’re going in and how long you can afford to stop off at all those lovely roadside attractions if you want to make it as far as your planned final destination in the time you have available for you. So plan a little, but allow for the odd whim or the occasional wild night, too.

Forget Researching Your Road Stops

If you want to be truly exhilarated when you’re on the road, don’t go online and look up every single roadside attraction, museum and diner on your route. That will take away the spontaneity of the experience and ruin those amazing discoveries that you make when you’re out on the road, stopping when you feel like it and looking around.  When you don’t research the local attractions, you’re much more likely to stumble on those obscure and unusual sights that make road trips so much more exciting that other trips.

Download the iExit App

If you’re going to be driving on the major interstates and highways along your route, do yourself a real favor and download the iExit app which will let you know about the upcoming exits, gas stations, hotels, attractions and other amenities on your route.

Upgrade Your Stereo

Road trips and great music go hand in hand, so as well as compiling a playlist of all your favorite driving songs and the favorite driving songs as any of your buddies who are coming along with the ride, unless you already have a great car stereo, get on to Stereo Champ and find a new improved model. You’ll have so much more fun singing along as you take in the view when your jams aren’t muffled and you can hear them loud and clear.

Pack Light

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A lot of roadtrippers pack quite heavily because they aren’t restrained by baggage limits. However, it’s far more fun to pack light, so that you have plenty of trunk space to collect little souvenirs along the way. You’ll have so much fun seeking them out, and you’ll enjoy the constant reminders of your best trip ever when you get back home.

Pack Non-Essentials First

While we’re on the subject of packing, it’s a very good idea to pack non-essential items first. Why? Simply because you will need them less often and that means that you won’t have to keep messing up your luggage as you search for them. The items you’ll only need at your final destination should be packed first, with the stuff you’ll be using daily being packed on top for ultimate efficiency.

Take a Gas Card

If you don’t already have a gas card, it makes perfect sense to get one ahead of your road trip because you are going to be burning a lot of rubber and spending a lot of money on gas. If you have a card, you’ll be able to earn lots of points, free fuel, grocery discounts and even cash back on any hotels that you book into and that means you’ll be able to have more fun with your road trip budget than you might otherwise have been able to.


Keeping clean and maintaining a good level of hygiene can be much more difficult when you’re on the road, so the last thing you want is to end up having to clean up or use the bathroom in a restroom that is dirty. If you visit, you can avoid this by checking out the bathrooms on your route that are cleanest and which ones are best avoided. What a relief!

Invest in a Multi-Outlet Adapter

If you’re going to be taking your phone, a GPS, kindle and a whole host of other gadgets and you don’t want you and your road trip buddies to end up fighting over the outlet, then it would be very smart of you to invest in a multi-outlet adapter ahead of your trip, so you can all stay connected all the time.

Take Time to Talk

One of the best things about being on the road is that you have a unique opportunity to mingle with lots of people in lots of parts of the country. You shouldn’t waste this by only speaking to your travel companions, and you should resolve to start a conversation with as many people as you can. Not only will you make lots of new friends, but you’ll get the skinny on the best places to eat, the hidden attractions that visitors don’t know about and the best bars (if you’re not driving). You’ll also get to hear some interesting stories and see more of the culture outside of your own hometown.

These hacks might be simple, but they will make your next road trip the best one of your life if you use them.

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Finding Success Out Of Someone Else’s

One of the hardest times during the building of a business comes right at the very start. Figuring out exactly what you would like to be doing with your time, how you would like to do it, and where the funding to get started will come from can feel like an impossible task. During this stage, a lot of people give up, and this is where most business ventures will come to die, wasting loads of potential. This is a shame, though, as it simple doesn’t have to be this way.

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Instead, if you’re willing to follow the beat of someone else’s drum, using a path which has already proven to be successful for others could be a great way to go. There are loads of ways to approach this, with the options to have making it very easy to choose something which will float your boat, while also being able to make you some money. To help you out, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to use existing success to fuel your new company.

Investment: Getting started with your own business can be a very overwhelming process. With all of the decisions and choices you have to make without any experience, a lot of people buckle under the pressure here, and won’t be able to take their work all the way to completion. Instead, it could best to have someone else handle all of this work for you, and it isn’t too hard to find someone willing to do it.

There are loads of people out there with a burning passion for business and their own ideas. If you’re able to find someone like this, with an idea which you are confident in, you will be able to start looking into the idea of helping to fund them. There are loads of websites out there which are designed to help you with this, making it easy to find an option which appeals to you. Of course, you have to make sure that this is a company you can put your heart into.

Taking a route like this isn’t always a sure thing, though. You will have to put a huge amount of trust into someone else, relying on them to use your money correctly to boost your company. Along with this, you won’t have full control of the business, and may not even be able to help with making the big decisions. For a lot of people, this won’t feel right, and you might want to look for an option which leaves you in full ownership of the company.

Franchising: As one of the best ways to do this, franchising is one of the most popular ways to start a new business. Instead of coming up with your own idea and branding for it, you will pay an existing organisation to let you use theirs. A lot of fast food places operate like this, with small owners being supported by a wider network of professionals. This can make it nice and easy to avoid the early stages of struggling to set up your brand.

Getting started with something like this is the main selling point which comes with it. Once you’ve looked through the available FranNet Franchises for sale, you will start to get an idea of the business you’d like to run. With an option chosen, you will be provided with everything you need to kick off the business, and can start to make money almost as soon as the paperwork is signed. This will make it a lot easier to manage the branding and products your business uses.

Every option has one or two downsides, though, and franchises aren’t any exception. These sorts of business opportunities are never cheap, as the people selling them have had to work incredibly hard to build them up. While this is fair, it can make it very hard to get started, holding people back when they go down this route. To help you out with this part of the job, a lot of lending organizations are very open to these ventures and might be able to help you.

A Model: Finally, as the last option to consider, it’s time to think about a broader approach. Instead of using someone else’s idea, you could look at the business model they use, and try to find a way to apply it to your own company. A great example of this is subscription services. Over the last few years, these products have gained a lot of popularity, and this has led to more and more companies offering them, working to take their piece of the pie.

Finding a model like this which will work is as much about creativity as it is about research. When you find a model which could work for you, adapting it to meet the needs of your company could be hard. To help with this, a business advisor will be able to tell you if they think your idea is good, while also providing you with some common paths to take on the way. You just have to make sure that you’re choosing a model which has proven to be very successful.

Like the other options in this list, this route isn’t exactly perfect. While you will be using a model which has worked for another type of company, you could be going into unchartered waters for a business like your own. This can make it hard to feel confident in the work you’re doing. Along with this, some people will find that following another model will be hard without a lot of adaptation, at which point the successful element may have been unintentionally removed.

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Hopefully, with all of this in mind, you will be in a much better position to start working on your next business. Using someone else’s success to drive your own is a method which has been used for thousands of years. Of course, though, nowadays, this sort of approach is more than just handy, and can save you a huge amount of time and money.


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