Personalized Gifts for Stationery Addicts

We all have that person in our lives who love kitschy pieces of stationery. Unicorn and mermaid theme just swept the globe in a big way. However, sometimes when it comes to gifting, sometimes it is nice to get them something a bit more special. You’ll find some seriously cool ideas below.

Get a plain notebook and print some scrabble style letters off. Write the name of your intended recipient, their course number, a special message or even a memorable date on the front. This is thoughtful and doesn’t take long or cost a lot either. Some glue and hour or so is all it will take.

If you don’t trust your creative flair, you can find many sites online that produce and sell some beautiful notebooks. From the trendy marble design to ultra cool Superheros you can be sure to find one for every taste.

Stickers! A super simple way to give someone the gift of personalization of anything they like. Although decals like this were something many people left behind in the 80s and 90s, they’ve had a massive surge in popularity over the last few years and are once again something the cool kids have, find a custom sticker maker and get designing.

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Pens and Pencils. If you know an artist or designer, their pens and pencils will be a much loved and used item, getting something personalized to them is a nice gesture and also very useful. You can get graphite and mixed color pencils for a couple of dollars online. If you want to get something a bit more fancy, search for high end/luxury personalized pens and you are going to find something gorgeous and meaningful.

Perhaps you know someone who writes a blog or has a website. Often online spaces can get a bit neglected and end up with stray HTML coding, broken widgets and a standard theme. If you know that they would love to spruce up their internet space but aren’t sure where to look, hit up Fivver, Upwork, Creative Market and Envato to see if you can snap up a designer or a theme with a lot of options for them. At first glance, this might not seem personalized. However, it is allowing them a lot more control over their internet space and with a lot of options they can tailor it to what they want. Lovely.

Thank you cards. When birthdays and Christmas/The Festive Season roll around, having personalized note cards allows the recipient to write a note and not have to sign each one – if they don’t want to.

To go with the note cards, envelopes with initials embossed are a lovely idea.

If you happen to have a friend who is starting up a business or already has something running, you can find things like invoice sheets, car decals, banners and business cards online too.

The idea behind giving someone something personalized is that it has a little bit more thought and effort involved. While getting any gift is a special moment, you can elevate it with a few extra dollars and some time.

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