It’s Time to Talk: Lifestyle Factors that Can Affect your Mental Health

If you’re feeling down in the dumps, unable to concentrate or constantly tired then you’ll know how draining this can be. You may think that this will pass and this is completely true, but there could be an underlying reason behind the way that you feel and if you don’t tackle the problem at its root then there is a high chance that it will keep on coming back.

Your Activities

The exercises you do will affect your mental health as much as they affect your body. Some studies indicate that exercise can be just as effective as taking antidepressants. Exercise works by reducing the amount of muscle pain you experience and it can also increase your mobility as well. It’s completely understandable that you don’t want to go to the gym, but if you can somehow find it in yourself to go for a walk or even a run then this is great and you can even take the dog with you as well, if you have one! Exercise gives you the chance to think clearly and it also helps you to improve your mood and self-worth as well. It also helps to give you a lot of structure for the day ahead.

Social Bonds

Your social activities can also affect your mental health. Research really does show that friendship can help you out a lot with your mental health. People often feel isolated when they feel depressed, so by having a good friendship circle, you can be sure to really count on people when you need them the most. If you struggle to make friends then try and volunteer or even go out with a large group of people so that you can feel more connected with the community. If you are religious then consider going to a church function or even try and make friends with those who are in need. If you have been in an accident and you are unable to go out every now and again then consider contacting Sevey, Donahue & Talcott to see if you are able to get any compensation, and also look into physical therapy.

The Way You See Yourself

If you look in the mirror and you see yourself as being unattractive or even not-worthy then this will have a profound impact on your life. You may not want to go out, and you may even find it difficult to attend social events as well. If you want to avoid all of this then one way to do so would be to change the way that you see yourself. Try and workout, or buy yourself some new clothes. This will give you the rush of endorphins you need to see yourself in a more positive light and it is a great way for you to give yourself a boost to your self-esteem as well.

So there are certain lifestyles that can have a huge impact on your mental health, and sometimes, you may not even know that this is the reason behind it.

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The Importance of Finding the Right Family Dentist for You and Your Children

Few things in life can be considered as important as your health. The only way to really take care of both your and your children is to ensure that you’re getting the right protection and also advice from healthcare professionals. Family doctors are a given; most people will register themselves and their family to a reputable family doctor that they can trust and build a relationship with. However, for some reason, people tend to neglect family dentists. This might be due to the fact that dentists are less commonly visited and children often fear dentists more than anything else.

Sadly, this means that people put less emphasis on their dentists and this can lead to a number of issues. Teeth or gum issues might be left undiagnosed for a long time especially considering it’s harder to tell if there’s a problem in your mouth as opposed to something more obvious that a doctor would deal with such as a cold or pains around the body.

Pain is usually the biggest concern when visiting a dentist, but with modern dental advances and skilled doctors, it’s no longer a problem. (Source: Pexels)

Undiagnosed Tooth Issues Could Cause Major Problems

From wisdom teeth to gum disease, problems that occur in your mouth could adversely affect the rest of your body in several different ways. For instance, those who suffer from periodontal disease (severe gum disease) are said to be twice as likely to develop heart disease. This is because the harmful bacteria in your teeth contains proteins that have the ability to cause blood clots that could clog your arteries. The nasty bacteria in your mouth can also travel to other parts of your body (such as the heart) and increases your risk of stroke.

Tooth pain is another common issue that people usually ignore. A skilled and compassionate family dentist will make sure to remind you to tell them if you are experiencing any issues with your mouth. Tooth pain could mean a number of different things like underlying tooth damage, a root canal or even dental abscesses. If left untreated, these sources of pain will only get worse and in some cases, could cause further issues. For instance, a dental abscess is essentially a pocket of infected tissue between the tooth and your gums. It causes intense pain, swelling and is sensitive to heat and cold. If this isn’t drained and the infection treated, then it could spread to other parts of the body including your brain or your heart which could be life-threatening.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the results of a study that was conducted between 2011 and 2014 and it reveals some startling statistics. Around 18.6% of children between the ages of 5 and 19 had untreated dental cavities and around 31.6% of adults between the ages 20 and 44 also had untreated dental cavities. These likely led to further complications that were costly to deal with and put those children and adults through a lot of pain and frustration.

Many people refuse to register with a family dentist because the costs can be high, it might be a bother to them or they simply don’t care about their dental health over their physical and mental health. This is a poor judgment because dental health is equally as important as other forms of healthcare and should never be ignored.

Brushing alone usually isn’t enough to keep you protected from all kinds of gum and tooth diseases and problems. (Source: Pexels)

Finding the Right Dentist for Your Children

In order to find the right dental practice for your children, you’ll need to consider a couple of different factors. We’re going to be listing them in no particular order, and you’ll want to treat these points like a checklist of qualities to look for in your dentist.


  • Finding a dentist that knows how to connect with children – Dealing with children is a profession in its own right. The way you speak to children is completely different to how you speak to adults and it’s important to understand how they think if you want them to look after their own health. It’s important to look for a dentist that advertises itself as a family doctor and has a track record of being able to cater towards children. For instance, you can look online and find practices like Ideal Dentistry that are not just targeted towards child patients, but entire families as a whole. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your dentist has treated children before and understands them.
  • The practice knows how to entertain your children – Whether it’s putting out little toys and books in the waiting area or giving your children study materials to remind them to brush their teeth, it’s important that you keep your children entertained with the help of your dental practice. This is more of a luxury than anything, but it’s still something to keep in mind.
  • Keep their credentials in mind – Most practices will have the necessary credentials to be operating in the first place, but the more prestigious or well-known the practice is, the more likely you’ll be getting a better service.
  • Examining the office culture in the practice – Many practices understand how to deal with children. From the receptionist down to the cleaning staff, they know what it’s like to deal with children and they understand how to take good care of all of their patients. On the other hand, some dental practices don’t understand how to deal with children, they make fun of their patients and in general, they have a rude and nasty attitude towards their patients and this could reflect the quality of healthcare that you’ll get. It’s important to examine what the office culture is like and to look out for professional practices that work as a coordinated team.


Hopefully, this article has given you some idea of how to find the right dentist for your family and also shed some light on the importance of a good family dentist.

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