What Changing Your Image Could Do For Your Business

If you’ve been in business for a while and you’ve noticed a plateau, a few things could be at play. If you’ve been thinking about this for a while and how you can improve, it could be time to change your image. These pointers will give you a few things to think about if you feel like this could be a good step for you to take:

Conducting An Audit

Take a look at your current branding and try to see things through your customer’s eyes. You want to take a close look at your logos, web design, marketing campaigns, and even the colors that your brand is using. Colors can have a psychological effect on your customers, so changing those could make a big difference to your success. Check out your competitors side by side and analyze what they’re doing too. You need to have a picture of exactly where you stand in the market at present.


Take Your Business Mobile

Taking your business mobile is key if you haven’t already. A mobile website will appeal to those who prefer to use their phones for browsing. You can quite literally take your business mobile, too, with wraps for cars and trucks to advertise your services wherever you go.

Changing Your Company Name

Your company name is a huge part of your identity, so deciding to change it can be pretty monumental. Your company name tells people a lot about the kind of business you’re conducting, and it can also reflect a focus change or change in the market if you do decide to change it. If you know your business needs to take a new direction, then changing your business name could be a good idea. Just don’t take this decision lightly, as you will need to rebrand and overhaul pretty much everything to do with your business.

Listen To What Your Customers Want

Through the business makeover process, you should make sure you pay attention to things like customer feedback and analytics. Do this before you make a single change to your business. Keywords will help you to figure out what people are really looking for when they find your site.

Get Involved In The Community

As well as the efforts you make online, it could be a good idea to do face to face marketing too. Getting involved in local events could be a wonderful way to do this when you start to rebrand your business. How about sponsoring a local charity or football team? You want your business to make an impression!

Be Consistent In All You Do

As you want to grow your business, you need to make sure you’re consistent in your efforts. You can’t alienate your existing customers by treating them too differently to new customers.

Be Willing To Make A Drastic Change

If you want to start all over again with a new customer base, you’re going to need to change absolutely everything. Perhaps you’ve gone too far in the wrong direction, or your business just isn’t as viable as you thought it was.

Changing your image could help your business to appeal more to a younger generation, or a totally new market. It could help you to build a better reputation and a sturdier customer base. Make a change now!

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Where Could An Armed Forces Career Take You?

There are so many careers that are just so popular. To name but a few there’s freelancing, marketing, finance, customer service etc. But the one career that doesn’t get enough credit is a career in the armed forces. A lot of people would go against something like this due to the travelling and being away from home, and the potential dangers. But we’re now seeing a career in the armed forces becoming ever more popular due to the opportunities it creates, not only whilst actually in the armed forces, but once deciding to leave as well. Plus, the travelling should be one of the advantages, and it is definitely going to be one of the ones we list today. So, if a career in the armed forces could be on the cards for you, or even if it is something that you’ve never considered before, here’s why we think it’s one of the best careers that you could go for.

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Travelling Opportunities

It’s no secret that a career in the armed forces could potentially take you around the world, and it should be considered one of the biggest advantages to the career. Yes, you might be travelling there on work, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get some downtime for you to be able to take in the country you’re visiting. It allows you to become such a cultured person purely due to the fact you’ll see so many different places. As a bonus, most of the bases that you’ll visit will be in tropical and hot countries, meaning you could be in the sun more than you think. For women especially, this should be one of the things that attracts you to the role. The people you meet in the armed forces will become some of the closet friends you’ll ever meet, so travelling the world with them whilst working is one of the best things you can do. Don’t be afraid of the homesickness. This is what can put a lot of people off about the travelling side of things. Whilst it is hard to be away from your loved ones for long periods of time, especially if you have a family, there’s also the sheer joy you’ll feel every time you’re able to go back to them. A lot of the time you can also take your family around the world with you to stay in the army bases. Whilst this isn’t ideal for some people, it might be better than having to wait a few weeks or months to see them! You’ll also get the privilege of doing tasks such as humanitarian aid in countries that are so desperate for it.


It doesn’t matter what sector of the armed forces you enter into, or what role you chose to do, progression is everywhere. This is something that a lot of civilian jobs lack. You’ll find yourself always stuck at the bottom with little else in the way of progression. But prove your way in the armed forces and there’s only up for you to go. The more you progress, the more money you’re able to make, and money motivates everyone! Don’t get us wrong, it is hard to progress just like it would be in any other role, but knowing that the option to move on up is there is comforting for a lot of people. The longer you stay in the armed forces, the further you’re likely to go. But it’s important to remember that you are signed into a contract that keeps you in the armed forces for at least 4 years. Anytime before that and you’d have to try and pay your way out of the contract which can sometimes be very expensive. Even things such as starting a family doesn’t make you exempt to leaving.


As we’ve already said, the bonds you’ll make with the people you work with in the armed forces are some of the strongest friendships you’ll ever be able to create. But that is no surprise considering you’ll be spending weeks or months at a time with them, and only them. A lot of squadrons that you’ll be based with do things such as military coins as memorabilia for the time you’ve spent with the people you’ve spent it with. More info can be found here about the value of military coins and how much they can mean to the people serving. Make no mistake, being forced to spend months at a time with the same people can also have its cons. There will be arguments, especially between the girls, but they resolve so much more quickly than they would in the real civilian world. It takes a certain type of person to go into a career in the armed forces, and one personality trait that’s essential is the ability to let things go and build bridges if things do go wrong. At the end of the day, the people you’re spending your time with are the people who will have your back no matter what, so it’s important to make sure you’re keeping friendships as strong as they can possibly be.

Challenges & Skills

You’ll face so many different challenges and learning curves, but they are what makes you grow as a person. One of the biggest challenges you’ll face is adjusting to the regimented lifestyle. You won’t have as much freedom as you would from your average 9-5 job, but that isn’t to say you won’t have the time to enjoy yourself every week. One big skill you’ll have no choice but to learn is time management. There won’t be any leniency if you’re late, and there will always be consequences. In the military, if you’re told to be somewhere for a certain time, you get there 5 minutes early. You’ll also learn how to problem solve on the spot to make sure you’re making the right decision. The lives of others could potentially be in your hands, so it’s important that you go into the military with the skill already, and let the military help you grow your knowledge.

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How To Plan A Perfect Summer Celebration!

With summer just around the corner, many people have at least one or two celebrations to attend. Despite the British climate we often envisage our events to take place outdoors, under a perfect blue sky. If you have the task of planning an outdoor event, a little preparation now will ensure the event is memorable for all the right reasons.

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The earlier you start to plan your event, the better. If your event is large you may need to look at regulations relating to holding big events in your area, particularly if you wish to feature loud music or fireworks.

Research your venue

It is important to visit the venue and carefully plan the space you have available. If you have a good idea on the numbers of people attending, you will need enough space to ensure your guests are comfortable, but not so much space that the guests look lost! Take photographs and measurements, even if the venue is your own garden, as the photographs will help you plan where to position tables etc.

If you have live music, the band will likely need access to power for equipment and all-weather protection. Allow space for a dance floor and arrange tables accordingly.

The entertainment you plan needs to be suitable for all ages and your aim is to create a fun happy atmosphere. If children are attending you could consider hiring an entertainer. A popular choice of entertainment is to hire a photo booth, Trez Entertainment have a great selection of booths and props.


Think about where your food will be served from and where you will situate the bar. Toilets are also another essential consideration, if you are going to hire portaloo style facilities, think carefully on where you will situate them, preferably well away from food, but close enough for them to be lit when the sun sets.

What food to serve your guests is a huge consideration. You could hire outside caterers to lower the pressure, or cater yourself. Another popular option would be to ask all your guests to bring a dish to share.

A hog roast is normally very popular, as it feeds a crowd, Remember the vegetarians in your party by offering veggie options!


summer cocktail

Drinks should be freely available without the need to queue for long periods. Hire plenty of bar staff if your event is large, or position drinks tables where they are easily accessible. Hopefully the weather will be lovely and warm, so ensuring your guests are hydrated is a priority.

Ensure you cater for all tastes, whether alcoholic or not and ensure there are plenty of options for children. If you have lots of families with young children attending consider using plastic glasses for safety.

Finishing touches

Finally you can have fun decorating your venue. You may have a colour scheme in mind, especially for summer weddings, or you could consider a theme for celebrations such as a victorian garden party, Hollywood or medieval banquet! A white table cloth is always a good base for any decor you wish to add, you can then let your imagination run wild.

Finally remember to plan for all eventualities. The weather could be a major factor as to whether your event is successful or not so consider hiring a gazebo to provide shelter.

Have fun!

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Are You Making It Easy for Your Customers to Buy Your Products?

Something that too few people think about when they’re selling their products is how easy it is they’re making it for their customers. Or rather, they neglect to think about the customer experience and, as a result, they make it difficult or bothersome for their consumers.

For example, have you ever purchased something online that required you to sign up for their services or an account? Have you ever been pestered about joining a club or a membership program just because you bought a single item in a store? These are the types of issues that people regularly face and it can completely ruin your chances of actually making a successful sale.

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Back off and don’t bother your consumers

We should all know that communicating with your customers is important. Whether you’re speaking to them about your products or telling them the details of your latest offers, it’s crucial that you have an open conversation with anyone that is interested in your products. However, there will come a time when you’ll realize that being a bother and constantly pestering your audience can have an adverse effect on your business.

Sadly, the only way to avoid this is to actually just back off and leave your customers be. Although you might have their email and other important contact information, it doesn’t mean you should spam them with offers, discount codes and so on. Allow them to make their own decisions and use other methods of advertisement to help your brand stick in the minds of consumers.

Offer various payment methods to your customers

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you need to offer varying payment methods to your customers. This essentially means offering your customers various ways to pay, finance or subscribe to your services. For example, a good payment method to include nowadays is PayPal. It’s one of the most popular online wallets available and it has integration with many of the e-commerce modules that you probably already use. This makes it versatile, easy to set up and allows you to market your products to a wider audience.

Another good example of additional payment methods is financing. However, this is usually only a good choice for expensive purchases like vehicles. Consider using a service like Consumer Portfolio Services if you operate a car dealership or a similar business that regularly sells expensive items that make sense to be financed. By offering financing options, you make it much more viable for your audience to purchase your more expensive items.

Some final words

Making it easy for your audience to purchase your products or services is always a good thing to keep in mind. Focus on the customer experience and make sure you’re making changes to your business model or website in order to accommodate this. If you’re unsure what changes you should be making, then you may want to consult your audience for feedback via social media or comments on your product pages or website.

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