Is Faxing Still Business Relevant?


In the last 20 years alone the technology industry has grown exponentially and we have left the days of the VHS far behind us. With the fast advancement in technology it is easy to move on to the latest tech and leave the old stuff behind without a second glance, but there are still certain things we used to use which can be used today.

The prime example of this is a fax machine. If you are young enough not to know what a Fax machine is: it is a way of sending post through a machine which is similar to a printer. Every Fax machine has its own number just like a telephone, and you can send documents and messages to the machine, and it will print off at its destination. So why do we need this machine when we have email?

Many people still use it

The easiest reason to get on that Fax train is that it still has a huge user base around the globe. Back in the day this was state of the art technology, and people who used it back then still love to use it today. You can get fax solutions for small business and you will see what a difference it can make with communication. You will end up with more messages than you think.

It’s quicker

Believe it or not a Fax machine can be quicker than using your computer to send a document across to another office. Let’s say you have a document which needs to be scanned and sent to someone else in another building. You will need to first scan the image, then download it to your computer, make sure it is a good enough copy and then send it. However if you have a Fax machine you simply place the document in the top, type in the recipient’s number and send. Quicker, and much less stress.

Better way to send your signature

Our signature is a private thing which ideally we never want to be available for anyone else to use. However with online apps that offer digital signatures, you have the risk of someone else using your signature on a document you haven’t authorised. However, if you have a Fax machine all you have to do is sign the document and send it. You don’t need to let your signature get anywhere on the network.


One of the things which seems to have been lost in the years of technical advancement is the idea of sending a message and receiving a confirmation that it has been sent and received. This is something which might not sound like a big deal but you want to know that the right person has received your message.
Whereas when you send an email you get nothing back, with Fax you get a confirmation page printed to prove that the message went through successfully. This gives you the peace of mind to know that you have sent the document to the right person and they have received it.

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